10 Men's Essential Style Tips for the Summer

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December 2021 News

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Father’s Day may be the one day of the year when it is all about celebrating you as a Dad and those you love will appreciate you looking great!


1.       Horizontal stripes are on trend. Experiment with stripe widths to find the most flattering look.  Choose interesting colour combinations that suit your colour palette.


2.       Denim shirts are popular this summer, however make sure it is the right colour denim as different shades suit different skin tones. If you are working a smart casual look, a fitted button-down denim shirt works well.  Denim shirts also go well with on trend chino shorts that are tapered slightly if this suits your style personality.


3.       Pastels are good colours to wear in the summer, but not everyone can wear them.  Make sure you know if you are a warm or cool toned and if more yellow or blue based colours suit you to get pastels right.


4.       Belts, sunglasses, hats and bags are the details that will determine whether you are truly a style pro. Invest in these accessories carefully, as quality will always make you stand out from the crowd.


5.       Take time to search for the perfect sunglasses that suit your face shape and find the colour which compliments your face the best.  Unless you are a winter palette, totally black sunglasses are unlikely to suit you. Start with neutral coloured sunglasses from your colour palette and work your way around different colours, sizes, shapes and even textures.


6.       Colour is in this summer!  Don’t be afraid to wear the bold or bright colours that work with your skin tone. Equally use patterns to stand out from the crowd on Father’s Day.



7.        Hawaiian Tropical print shirts are trending right now and a bold design in your best colours will always make an exciting style statement in your summer wardrobe. 


8.       Do not feel obligated to follow the trend of super skinny trousers and jackets unless it really suits your style personality!  Well-fitting clothes is key.


9.       In the shops many shorts this year are finishing just below the knee, but different lengths and materials suit different people.  Shorts are a great way to add colour or pattern.  Pair with a leather belt for style finesse.


10.   Consider loafers and sandals this summer but it is all about the colour. Neutrals to work with most of your wardrobe or a colour to make a statement. The choice is yours.