A Christmas Jumper is for Life, not just for Christmas! Christmas Jumper Day December 13th

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Christmas Jumper Day 13th December

Do you ‘do’ Christmas jumpers?

There can be pressure to buy a special, ‘fun’ jumper (sometimes a new one each year) for a school, social, work or party event. But is it for you?

Knowing my personal colours and style now makes me more conscious of what I do and do not want to wear and of staying authentic all year round. I no longer feel the pressure to conform ‘just because everyone else does’.

I’ll say right at the outset that I don’t ‘do’ Christmas jumpers with elves, baubles, Santas, reindeer, dogs etc. Fun as they are; they are just not ‘me’. And if I wouldn’t wear it the rest of the year, why would I wear it at Christmas?

Being authentic

I spend time and money getting my wardrobe working for me, feeling authentic in what I wear - so why would I break that rule at Christmas and feel uncomfortable just because someone else dictates the dress code? In the past I’ve spent my time conforming so that other people like or approve of me. But no more! Now, I’d rather be me, all year round! And that means dressing as me as well.

Do you know if you’re a Christmas imp, jolly Santa or pretty fairy? When you know, you will find that making your clothing choices is easy – whether at Christmas or at any other time of year!

What's your style?

For instance, if you know that you’re Dramatic, you will choose your Christmas jumper to stand out from the crowd, to be unusual and not like anything that anyone else will wear. You’ll probably also make sure that there is some angularity to it – such as in the pattern – or there will be a stand-out feature on it.

And a Classic? You are most unlikely to want to buy anything cheap, silly, or frivolous, which you will only wear once. Your best choice is probably a smart, quality cashmere sweater which will work with all of your outfits and will look and feel expensive.

Naturals will wear a comfy, easy-to-wear jumper with texture – perhaps a sloppy Joe sweater will be a great choice. You certainly need one you can throw on, and that will be snuggly.

Gamines will suit anything that’s fun: all the Christmas pictures of elves, snowmen, Santas, that I mentioned above are yours. Go the whole hog and enjoy it!

If you’re an Ingenue like me, then you need something sparkly on your Christmas jumper - perhaps a few sequins or some braiding. That’s why I don’t want a jumper covered with elves or snowmen – but give me one edged with gold braid and I’ll be happy to wear it! I also have a red sweater with a star knitted into it, which is very relaxed and easy to wear with a pair of fitted trousers.

And for the Romantics – wouldn’t you just adore a sweater with some faux fur or velvet? A luxurious version of the Christmas sweater will be your choice every time.

What colour should I choose?

And what about colour? When we think about Christmas, we think of red, green and gold – from Santa’s coat to Christmas trees, holly leaves and gold baubles. But if you are a Winter or Summer who needs to wear cool colours, then you need to make sure that whatever your style, your colours also match. Drop the gold! Make sure that your baubles and sequins are silver instead. And go for a cool jade or emerald green, with a scarlet or cherry red.

My star-patterned ‘Christmas’ jumper is geranium red. When I wear it with gold jewellery, I’m sorted! But I don’t keep it just for the Christmas season: I shall wear it whenever the weather is cool and I feel like wearing something bright and cheerful.

What will you choose? Do let me know in your comments below. Or better still, send me a picture!

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