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December 2021 News

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ONE OF THE TOP QUESTIONS my clients always ask my advice for is accessorising. I always think anyone can pop on a dress, trousers and a top, but how you accessorise it is the difference between ‘wearing’ an outfit or ‘styling’ an outfit.

Accessorising can include the addition of hats, hair slides/bands, jewllery, scarves, jackets, brooches, bags, watches, ponchos & wraps and shoes - the list is almost endless. How much you accessorise depends on your clothing personality.

Here’s my top 10 tips to help you explore how you accessorise and ‘style’ your outfits.

 1.    Find a good place to store your accessories. Clear acrylic boxes make a good storage option as you can see at a glance what’s where. Add hooks inside your wardrobe doors for belts and longer necklaces. Maria Kondo your scarves in a draw!

2.    Like your wardrobe, colour co-ordinate your accessories. For example; all silver in one place, gold & coloured in another box; small earring and large earrings in different boxes. You’ll be glad you’ve done this when you are running around late in the morning.

3.    Make sure you have a good selection of different sorts of accessories: necklaces, bracelets, broaches, belts, hair sides, watches, rings, earrings, scarves…….

 4.    Think about how you are going to wear your accessories. If your wearing a high neck top with neck detailing then possible avoid wearing a fussy necklace which may clog up your neck area. Opt for some big earrings and a belt to your outfit to substitute the necklace

 5.    Think about scale of your jewellery. If you have quite a small petite frame you may want to keep your accessories on a smaller scale. Going to big may overpower your frame. Likewise, if you have bigger features, then upscale the size of your accessories to medium or large scale.

 6.    Big Boobs? Be careful not to let your necklaces rest on your boobs – it may extend them! Either get your necklace to end just about where your cleavage starts or extend it to your navel!

 7.    Layer up your necklaces to add some drama and interest. You may have a number of slimmer style necklaces that if you layer up together create a ‘one-off’ unique accessory for you!

8.    Belts……. lots of women avoid a belt as they feel it draws attention to their tummies! Let me blow the myth. Adding a belt will actually help create a waist for you. It can add the right amount of impact and interest to your outfit. Try a belt from a charity shop first. But be prepared to pay good money for a decent belt. It will last you years and price per wear, will end up only costing you pennies.

9.    Shape of accessories – not something you often think about but I’ll let you into a little lesser know secret. If you have a straight body, with sharp shoulders then the best shape of accessories will mimic your body shape. If like me you have a fuller, rounded or curvy figure then soft rounded accessories will suit you best. For example, the belt buckle – rounded for fuller figures and rectangle for straighter body lines.

 10.  Not adding accessories means you aren’t fully dressed. If I don’t wear my accessories, I feel like I haven’t put my pants on – it makes me feel that uncomfortable! Depending on your personality will depend on how many accessories you will want to add. For example, those with more romantic personalities will adorned their bodies with accessories. Those with a more natural personality may only want one or two accessories. If you have drama in your personality you may want an accessory that demonstrates your dramatic personality. BUT we all need an element of accessories to finish off our outfit……..

 So, if your accessories box is looking a bit empty, join me on my on-line accessorising workshops. Drop me an email at judi.prue@houseofcolour.co.uk. You’ll be glad you did. Style is not just about the clothes you wear – it’s about how you HOW you wear them.

Stay Safe,

Judi x