Accessorising the dress for the Wedding -making it more Winter!

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December 2021 News

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Being invited to my niece’s wedding in Normandy was a great excuse to buy a new dress. I was going to be a long day with warm weather so I needed to be comfortable. I was delighted to find this dress in one of my favourite vintage shops Revival-Retro

As a Jewel Winter, Classic Ingénue the colours, style, and scale of print are spot on. The only thing not quite right is the overall contrast. For a Jewel Winter, I need to have high contrast and the dress alone was not doing that. A Summer could also wear this dress as the overall look is cool but I needed more impact so decided on white accessories.

I wanted to replace the fabric belt with a white one that would create more contrast and draw attention to my waist…a good bit on me! Harlequin is a brilliant British company that provides bespoke fashion accessories…buttons, belts, bags whatever you want. You find the fabric and they will make you a belt.

I chose to use the back of a satin fabric, the front was too shiny, but the back a perfect soft matt white. I chose white eyelets and a small oval buckle. I sent my material and instructions off to Harlequin and was delighted when a few days later this perfect fabric belt arrived in the post. Beautifully made and an absolute bargain at just £12 to make.

Well that freed up the fabric belt so I asked my friend Jessica Anstey to use it to make me a little hair slide…. it is all in the detail with an ingénue!

A jacket, white shoes, and a white handbag and I was ready for the Chateau!

We had a wonderful family wedding and I felt great.

 Sian Davies
House of Colour Gloucestershire