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December 2021 News


As we prepare to have the lockdown restrictions relaxed it is so exciting but also I feel a little bit nervous.  Let’s face it it’s been a while! I have missed that person to person connection so how joyous will it be to sit outside with friends or host an event at home?

This brings me to thinking about how I have changed my attitude to what I used to wear and what has changed during the last year.  I certainly, like most, have embraced more comfortable clothes and maybe a little bit more relaxed but to be honest I have held true to my style. 

I actually feel happier in my glamourous blouses – I’ve just teamed them with mom jeans and a trainer rather than smarter trousers or skirts and heels.  This has opened up options for my style that I had never thought of or liked much.  I realise that my wardrobe has a lot more flexibility than I believed.

But to go to a pub!!!  What will I wear?  Will it still fit?  I would personally recommend now spending some time whilst it’s it quiet just trying on your jeans and trousers and checking what the garments you have been saving to wear out look like in your post lockdown shape? 

Could you disguise that little bit of extra weight around your tummy differently?  What about trying a French tuck rather than a full tuck in which is a softer more relaxed look?

Could you wear a belt to help keep the jeans on your waist and add a pop of colour to draw your eye away from a problem area?

I suspect we may all go a little lightheaded on our first few social engagements, not from alcohol but from the excitement and adrenaline we will feel when those endorphins kick in.  I think it’s important to remember to feel comfortable when you go out and still feel like you.  Don’t be tempted to wear new shoes for instance for a day out walking and chatting with friends!

Talking of shoes…I love a heel but I frankly haven’t worn my smarter heels for over a year…I cannot wait to get them out but I may just practise walking around the house for a while before – I suspect my calf muscles may go into cardiac arrest!


If you are planning on going shopping, then I would totally recommend the following:

  1. Spend some time reviewing the pieces in your wardrobe to establish if any are due to be recycled or if there are any obviously missing pieces
  2. Do some research on line on items you may want to check out in person – this will save you time
  3. Draw up a shopping list
  4. Pack your mask…and wear layers – it is going to busy and hot out there 
  5. Shop in comfortable but stylish outfits but also make sure you wash your hair, put some make up on and look amazing! It’s your first trip out remember.
  6. I suspect we won’t be able to try items on so it’s worth taking pictures of clothes you like and then buying them online so that it is easier to return them to the post office
  7. Don’t panic buy – it needs to be amazing…not just ‘it will do’.
  8. Research your trends and know your colours so you can be sure you will pop the items in your wardrobe and they will mix and match with their friends in there!


Most of all have fun and enjoy being dressed up like YOU.  You deserve it.

Blog written by Claire Bannister, 

Upminster, Brentwood & Shenfield

(+44) 782 5698695