Celebrate International Day of Happiness with clothes that bring you happiness!

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December 2021 News

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Photo credit: Thanks go to Austin Schmid on Unsplash

International Day of Happiness 20th March 2021

Developing happiness and flourishing

The United Nations recognises that part of the goal of human progress should be as much about developing happiness as about growing economies: hence designating today as the International Day of Happiness. The underpinning concepts are: Keep Calm; Stay Wise; Be Kind.

If we are happy and content in our life circumstances then we shall flourish, so it is worth focusing on what makes us happy, and applying those three concepts to what we do. Of course, we can’t control external events to bring us more happiness – but we can find it in small ways.

For me, I find it through my clothes, their style and colour.

Keep Calm

Whatever our circumstances we can usually find something that can make us happy – even if only briefly. It could be a line from a song on the radio, or bird song, or a ray of sunlight coming through the window, or a child’s laugh… you will have your own list. They may be small things, yet if we keep calm, we will notice them. And they will make a difference.

If I am agitated by something that is playing on my mind, I cease to notice what is around me. Calming myself by walking in nature goes a long way to easing my circular thoughts. As soon as I am outside, I awaken to the beauty of the world around me.

Before going out, I always choose an item of clothing that lifts my spirits and that makes me smile – such as my fleece hat with fronds for a pompom, or my new animal print beret - and consciously add that to my outfit. Then I suddenly start to find myself feeling happy instead of worked up and worried,

By the time I have walked myself tired, have felt the wind blowing in my face, and am ready to get warm and snug at home again, I am inwardly peaceful, outwardly tired, and more able to see my problems from a proper perspective.

Stay Wise

When we are unhappy it is easy to spiral downwards into ever greater negativity and to stop listening to ourselves – and our bodies. We forget any previous wisdom we might have gained!

In the past, when I have felt miserable and anxious, I have sat around at home in my night clothes, or in leggings and a baggy top, reading trashy novels to numb my brain, and eating trashy food to give myself a sugar boost. All I have achieved is feeling more miserable and dazed, and giving myself stomach-ache into the bargain.

But nowadays I listen to my body urging me to move – to put on loud music and to dance about the living room; to find something funny and have a belly laugh; and to eat sensibly. That’s why I have changed to eating fruit and nut snacks instead of sugar ones. And I get dressed properly, especially if I’m feeling low.

I choose to get dressed in pretty clothes that are in my style - with embroidery, frills and lace - in colours which suit me and are cheerful. I seek out textures that are pleasing to the touch and I wear an outfit in direct opposition to my mood.

I’ve gained the wisdom of experience which teaches me that attractive clothes and healthy food will turn my mood around far quicker than junk food on the sofa. (See my previous blog post on the power of colour to affect our mood, for more illustration of this).

Be Kind

In my view, kindness is a greatly underrated virtue. Kindness is a soothing balm which we can share with anyone to ease their troubles. And it will repay us too – if we give out kindness then we will feel its effects on ourselves. When we are kind to others, it helps us to connect and interact with them in a positive way. It builds friendships and relationships.

One person that we are often unkind to is ourselves. We can be more negative and critical of who and how we are than anyone else, and will often say things to ourselves which would make us round on a friend who said them. In particular we can criticise our bodies for their shape, their weight, their height – you name it, we can find something to dislike about ourselves.

Once we accept our bodies for what they are, then we can begin to see just how wonderfully they are made and how well they work for us! We will want to adorn them with beautiful, and not just functional, items of clothing.

We will want to make them look their best, play down their faults and show off their good points every day. After all, we would want that for the person we love the best, so let’s do it for ourselves too, and show our bodies kindness.

Use your wardrobe to make yourself happy.

It took time for me to learn these lessons. Nowadays, when I open my wardrobe doors and see the lovely fabrics, colours and textures that are hanging in there, that action alone makes me happy!

This International Day of Happiness, you can see that a wardrobe full of treasures and clothes I love is one of my sources of happiness. They enable me to make new and inspiring happy outfits, which in turn make a happy me!

Don’t you want the same thing for yourself? Then call me and book a session  – a joy-filled wardrobe of potential happiness is the greatest gift I can give my clients.


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