House of Colour experiences rapid growth in USA

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December 2021 News

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Welcome Claire Bannister, the new MD of House of Colour UK 

Press release

House of Colour experiences exponential growth in USA


Who knew it would take a global pandemic to kick start phenomenal growth for a British company in the US?  House of Colour is a franchised personal image consultancy and colour analysis company founded in the UK 35 years ago.  7 years ago we began to take our opportunity across the Atlantic seriously and invested heavily in the legal framework and systems required to franchise our business in the US.

During 2020 that investment began to pay off and we are now training at least 6 new consultants every month each with their own exclusive franchise area and the best training in our amazing analysis process and will soon reach a total of 100 consultants.


This growth requires full time focus, expertise and experience to embed and develop the opportunity.  Helen Venables , who has been MD for 9 years says ‘ We are excited to be recruiting a new managing Director for the US company who will be based in the USA. Its been quite a year dealing with the very rapid growth in the US during the Covid pandemic and the Board are excited to see this challenge taken up by the right person to develop the roots and structures we need for enduring success in the American company.  I will move into the role of Chairperson for the 2 companies and look forward to continuing to be part the growth as we move forward.’

We have also advertised and interviewed for a new MD in the UK and are excited to announce that from the same date Claire Bannister will take up this role.  Read Claire’s story below:

Living the Dream

I am delighted to be on the verge of becoming the UK Managing Director for House of Colour and to be joining the Board. For me, I feel so excited for both the USA and the UK as both regions have now sustained enough growth and presence to warrant both Helen Venables and I at the helm.

I joined House of Colour seven years ago after running my own Procurement Company and completing a successful career in Financial Services.  Those jobs have provided me with the ski

lls and experience that I will need as I take up what I think will be my last, but best Corporate ‘proper job’!

What is wonderful about my House of Colour life is that it started over 15 years ago when my best friend bought me a voucher with HOC to have my colours analysed.  Me? A woman who had always worn black to ‘blend’ and was about as uncomfortable in her own skin as a woman could be!  It was an experience that I now know changed my life in so many more ways than I could ever imagined.


I am now a confident ‘woman of bloom’ (I am NOT middle aged!) who is very happy inside and out.  The House of Colour Toolkit has taught me how to express my personality in my clothes in such an authentic way, as well as how to look professional, trustworthy, confident. 

I was encouraged to start my own HOC business when a group of my school mum friends pointed out that I looked amazing after my Colour & Style sessions and that I really should be running my own business in Upminster!  It was a great time personally for our family, so I took the plunge!

Starting my own styling business was a challenge as I had never run my own business before but, with the extensive training that HOC gives their trainees, support on social media, marketing, and personal brand, I felt boosted as I grew my business from strength to strength.  I have been No 1 UK stylist for three years and recognised in their reward scheme for the last six! 

Early in 2020 I took on the role of Head of Training and whilst this year has been a huge lockdown challenge, I have loved sharing our exclusive IP with our new stylists, and it also kept me very busy adapting some of our training to be delivered online.

I truly feel that my own personal path with House of Colour, and the love I feel about this Company, will help me lead us out of this Pandemic onto greater opportunities.   I know that we have the most robust processes and training; we have the strongest network of stylists across the UK and surrounding countries and we have deep enough roots as a British company with over 35 years’ experience to take on a challenge and ‘’knock it’s socks off!’


Blog written by Claire Bannister, MD

Upminster, Brentwood & Shenfield
(+44) 782 5698695