Dressing for Summer using the Autumn Palette

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June 2022 News

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Dressing for the Summer using the Autumn Palette


Being an autumn can come with its challenges during the warmer weather. If you are like me and your best colours belong in the autumn palette, it can sometimes feel difficult to know what colour combinations to use during the summer months of the year.

Naturally, as an autumn, we tend to gravitate to the colours that remind us of that time of year. Using moss green, olive green, browns, rusts and so forth. Dressing these combinations during the autumn months looks amazing, however it can sometimes leave you feeling a bit boring and dull during the summer months when everyone is wearing much brighter colours around you especially with the current trend of dopamine dressing.

Many of my wow colours (ones that truly look the best on me) are in the depth of the autumn palette so I have more of these readily available within the wardrobe. I am comfortable with these combinations because I dress in them many months of the year. I don’t want to look the same all year round.  I need to mix it up and feel as though my look remains current and in line with the time of year. Adding a pattern or print can often help during the summer months too!

To help anyone who face these same issues each year, I have pulled together a few examples of colour combinations that work well for an autumn during the summer months. This will ensure that you remain excited by your clothes and feel confident and ready to attend all those exciting summer events!

Above are a few visual examples of how to dress these colour combinations from my own wardrobe. The list of these is below; 

Lime, Grey and peacock 

Oyster, coral and tan

Apricot, oyster and marine navy 

Grey, coral and peacock

Grass green, tan and marine navy 

Beige, orange and tan 

Lime, coral and marine navy 

Grey, marine navy and heliotrope 

Dont forget to brighten up your lipstick too! Why not try your 709 coral or 174 coral and a brick 12 or ginger shimmer 060. 

Have fun with it and enjoy the summer and sunshine (hopefully!)