Dressing Lockdown Weight Gain

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December 2021 News

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Dressing Lockdown Weight-gain

Are you fitter as a result of lockdown?

Did you start with good intentions?

At the start of lockdown in March 2020, over the previous 8 months, I had lost almost 2 stone and I didn’t want to put that back on, so I had great plans! Lose more weight and emerge fitter!

In practice, things haven’t quite worked out like that!

Sitting around in lounge wear, we don’t realise how easily the weight goes on. Without the constriction of a waistband, you tend not to realise how things are just getting that bit tighter!

However, last week for the first day we could meet friends in the garden, I put on a dress. OOoooh, I thought, those buttons are pulling a little!

I’ve been wearing more comfy clothes because I haven’t been regularly getting fully dressed for work. Looking professional ‘above the keyboard’ has been my priority.

What do we do?  I don’t think the answer is to rush out to the shops for more clothes.

My first plan is to go through what’s in my wardrobe, see what I’ve got that I can wear now and feel fabulous in. Check what’s not particularly weight dependant. I am going to dress for the size I am at the moment instead of feeling rubbish because I’m not comfortable in my clothes. It’s definitely not about going out and buying a whole load of new stuff even though I’m beyond excited that the shops are reopening!

If you do decide on a treat, buy something practical that fills a gap in your wardrobe. Be kind to yourself too – don’t be too worried about the size label. Sometimes we think, oh no, I’ve got to go up a size from say a 16 to an 18 or a 12 to a 14.  If that’s what fits and it’s a versatile style, it’ll make you feel great because you’ll look good.

This is a really good time to think about accessories because it doesn’t matter how much weight you put on; your jewellery/scarves will always still fit!

Adding a bag, scarf, necklace can detract from weight gain because it draws attention to where you want it to be drawn!! So, have a bright bag, bright pair of shoes, nail polish, scarfs. Aim for a pop of colour under your face not the area where you’re carrying the extra weight!

Look at yourself in the mirror. If you are heavier now, you might need to wear your clothes in a different way. Don’t beat yourself up. Avoid thinking I can’t believe I’ve put this extra weight on, let’s dress it until such time that it goes again which it will.

Aim to create a capsule wardrobe of what fits well now. Wear that, take baby steps, leave the tighter jeans.

When we put on weight, we can be tempted to go for the darker colours! Putting on a brighter colour will lift your mood if you’re feeling a bit flat. Wearing a colour that really suits you will leave you looking brighter and healthier than one that doesn’t, even without make up!

Over the last year, I’ve used a lot of my willpower to keep my business on track, being creative and trying hard to remain connected with my clients. However, I’ve put weight on too.

What I know though is how to dress myself carrying the extra pounds. I’m not beating myself up. I will do what I need to survive and be happy, using colour and style to change not only the way I look but to change how I feel!

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