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February 2022 News

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Dressing well is about showing up at every occasion in your life appropriately dressed and feeling authentically you. How many different hats do you wear in life? Do you have ‘go to’ looks that you are happy with?


In life we all have so many different roles to play and we constantly jump from one to another, it can often feel as though we are so busy spinning one plate that we lose sight of the others. Without acting quickly those other plates stop spinning. Queue – Circus plate spinning scene and music here! 

During a style session we get you to think about all the hats you wear in life, how do you want to be perceived, how can you communicate who you are and what you are about through your look. It’s about expressing your personality and needs to be authentically you. Our clothes also need to fit and flatter our shape and need to be practical and appropriate for the occasion. If you have thought through what you need for all the occasions in your life you will have the “go to” outfits that you can mix and match in your wardrobe giving you lots of different options at the drop of a… well… hat!

Let me share a few of mine with you.. 

I have 3 main ones

  • Mummy
  • Wife
  • Professional - Business owner

 If I am in Mummy mode, I am rushing to get the children out the door in the morning to the school gate. Often it decides to tip it down with rain at that exact moment. My outfit needs to be practical. If I am sat on the floor at Soft Play or jumping in muddle puddles with the children at the park, I won’t be wearing my finest jewellery or heels, equally I don’t want to feel frumpy or mumsy. Trainers are essential but I ensure that mine are feminine and sparkly, that’s me! My jeans are slim fit and high waisted to suit my personality and body shape. I may wear a Breton striped top, but I will often add a nice coat or a gilet to smarten the look. I always wear my make up, I can never be without this. The smallest amount for a day look is essential for me to feel put together and well groomed. If you have more Natural in your personality, you will probably favour a more relaxed make up look. That’s ok it’s about being you.

When I am in my wife role, I love to feel a bit more glamourous. If my hubby and I get the rare opportunity for a date I want to dress up a bit. My romantic side comes out. I may decide to opt for a skirt – often my faux leather, I may add knee high boots or a pair of heels. There will often be more of a ruffle in my top-lace or sometimes velvet. I will be wearing jewellery with more sparkle, and like a bit more make-up and a of course a spritz of perfume! 

When I am with clients or out networking, I want to be professional and inspiring. I will be wearing all my dressing points (my accessories!) I can mix and match my outfits from ankle grazer tailored trousers with heels and a blouse and jacket, to a fitted structured shorter cardigan with a skirt and blouse. The key details here are just the right amount of make-up and the interest in my jewellery and scarves. I wear a heel to ensure my posture is good to carry authority in a professional setting.

Deciding on these looks comes down to your unique mixture of body shape and personality even colouring.

Having the knowledge from a style session can really help you to get to a place where everything in your wardrobe works. The result is a capsule wardrobe! My shopping is focussed, as I am more mindful of the gaps are in my wardrobe.  If a friend texts for a last-minute girls night out I don’t panic as I know how to swap from mummy mode to a stylish evening look. Understanding how to put an outfit together saves a lot of time, stress and money. Truly a fabulous life skill we all need!

Sophia x