How to feel stylish in your working from home uniform (and how to switch it up)

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December 2021 News


When you are working from home the temptation to roll out of bed and stay in loungewear all day can be overwhelming. After all, surely what we wear doesn’t matter as long as we get the work done?

But, it is worth making an effort, even when you’re not leaving the house, as much for our own mental wellbeing as for how we are seen on Zoom calls. Plus are you really as productive in loungewear?? As with most things, a lot depends on your own style.

Personally, I find that making a conscious effort to maintain a morning routine that includes making time to apply make-up and get dressed keeps me focussed and motivated. The simple act of getting dressed into something other than what you’ve slept in helps shift your mindset from relaxed to productive.

Here are a few tips for balancing comfort and practicality when it comes to working from home.

  1. Pop on pieces you would be happy to go outside in – that way if you need to hop on a quick video call, you just need to zhuzh your look up a bit with earrings, lippy and a necklace and you’re good to go.
  2. Incorporate some colour into your look – not only will it lift your mood but it will make you more visible on screen.
  3. Make the most of your make up – when you’re working from home you won’t be needing a mask so slick on some lippy to lift your look!
  4. Working from home in the winter means using your own heating so add layers for warmth – ponchos are easy to slip on and off (and cover a multitude of sins!) and I find that a pair of fingerless gloves is a must! Plus adding a scarf adds interest to your look but also doubles up for cosiness.
  5. Remember you may need to stand up during a video call so make sure you are dressed from head to toe, not just from the waist up!
  6. Think about wearing shoes  yep try it – they will help shift you into work mode.
  7. Dress for you and your environment, while some of us feel great in cosier, more comforting and comfortable outfits, others feel scruffy and not finished


When you understand your style personality, the reasons why some things make you feel professional and others don’t, become clear.

As someone whose style is casual and relaxed, I am embracing woolly jumpers and soft trousers, using colour to add interest on screen.

If, however, you need more glamour then look for more luxurious fabrics which drape and feel gorgeous. You may also need to pop on a pair of heels on so that you feel like you.

Quirky styles will need to keep the fun details – avoid voluminous jumpers, they not do you any favours at all. Instead opt for a more fitted top and maybe add a brooch to give authority and see how you instantly become more professional.

Our stylists offer video consultations to help you discover your personal style so you can be confident that the image you project is authentic and feels right. Contact your local stylist for more info.


Blog written by Jane Brook, consultant for Worcester/Droitwich/Birmingham