Going Grey!

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December 2021 News

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Going grey was a big decision for me.  I had had dark brown curls forever and had never sort to change my hair much during my life.  As a jewel winter, I saw the first signs of white hairs in my late thirties and by my forties, I was colouring it regularly back to my natural dark brown. By my late fifties, this was every 5-6 weeks to keep the colour. By then I was beginning to notice a few white hairs in my eyebrows, and my skin tone was softening, making my dark hair look a little hard. But there was more to it that finally caused me to take the plunge.

Increasingly I was concerned about the chemicals used to colour my hair. I had been using the fabulous Essentially Yours Skin Care range since HoC introduced the products in 2014. I had started to learn about the importance of using organic, chemical-free, products on my skin…the biggest organ of the body. I was using their body oil, had a good facial skincare regime and yet I had no idea about the chemicals that were being put on my scalp every few weeks!

The whole thing felt wrong. I started asking friends and colleagues whether at 57 it was time to take the plunge and embrace my grey…or worse still, would I be totally white?

The reaction from others ranged from ‘yes go for it’ to ‘in your industry, Sian I really wouldn’t go there, it will be so ageing ’  It was the transition I was dreading and the thought that my naturally dry hair was going to get even drier and out of condition.

It was only when I met a local leading organic hairdresser who had a very different approach to hair care, that I felt able to make the change. Tabitha James Kraan http://www.tabithajameskraan.com reassured me that there were many shades of grey. It wasn’t about just stopping colouring your hair and waiting for months until the roots grew out. You needed to manage the condition of the hair and she could manage the transition and use organic hair colours that would play with the light and dark contrast and create a look that would not be choosing old age.  We had a plan! I started a new regime where I washed my hair less and used her products, including her award-winning Youth Dew Hair Oil, to keep the condition. Tabitha did the rest.

It has been a year now since I stopped colouring my hair. Looking back at the pictures of me before and after I am so glad I have chosen my grey now. I am amazed at how much natural dark hair I still have and I love my new look!

Siân Davies
House of Colour Gloucestershire