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December 2021 News

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The year has started unlike any other. In 2020, I survived the ups and downs, just like being on a theme park rollercoaster, even enjoying some of the unexpected ups and downs. However, since Lockdown 3, it's felt like I'm a front seat rider in a theme park where you're suddenly hurtled into the dark and upside down.

Last week was a bit easier and yesterday was the first time I've really started to get my mojo back. As a small business owner, mother, wife, home maker, friend etc etc, it's been really tough to energise myself.

Why am I sharing this, because although I'm a strong individual, at times, life can be hard. It's when the 'to do' list seems to just keep growing with no prospect of getting it done as soon as you'd like! Some of you may have read the top '32 things to do to relieve boredom' in the Times at the weekend. Squeezed between making flavoured gin, joining a cake making club or removing the glue residue on old jars, was the suggestion to declutter your wardrobe. I started this between Christmas and New Year and it's still an ongoing project. I've sorted a pile of clothes I'm ready to give another home and donated a necklace to a client. My wardrobe is starting to reignite my energy and bring me joy.

I recognise the benefits of wearing cheerful colours to influence my mood. I'm scoring my clothes as I wear them. Do they bring me joy then too? They may look fab on the hanger but what about when they're on? Do they fit me now?

I'm not going to punish myself for the extra lockdown pounds I'm carrying. I'm wearing clothes that are comfortable and flattering now - I will loose that extra weight and then bring the tighter fitting clothes back out. I am wearing fitted trousers or a waisted skirt every few days though just to keep an eye on size and fit!!

Having a wardrobe that brings joy from the minute I open the doors makes a real difference, from first thing in the morning right throughout the day. This includes jewellery and accessories too. My jewellery was the starting point and until last week, everything was hung haphazardly on hooks or in boxes/trays! Now it feels transformed and I've already worn many rediscovered pieces.

If you'd like your wardrobe to bring total joy, get in touch. From clothes, scarves, jewellery to shoes and handbags, everything you have can influence your mood, not to say your bank balance!.

There's a variety of methods, you can even buddy with a friend. Pre-loved selling online is at an all time high so you could raise funds, support a good cause and reduce waste/landfill. If you don't fancy selling online, I'm planning another Charity Swishing Event in the summer! More news to follow!

How are you feeling as we launch into 2021?

Are you like me and using clothes to lift your mood?

How do you feel about your wardrobe?

Does it bring you joy?

Do you love everything you have and wear?

I'd love to hear. Please message me to chat.