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December 2021 News

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At last! Your long awaited holiday has arrived and it’s time to pack! Do you stagger around with a suitcase the size of a baby elephant? Or do you try to squeeze your wobbling tower of clothes into that small piece of hand luggage? Here are my top tips on how to travel light, and in style.

Knowing your colours and style makes your capsule wardrobe effortless because everything you pack goes with everything else. Think about what you’llbe doing – walking? lounging? eating out? Then use this list as your guide:

  •  3 pairs of trousers, including ones that can be dressed up or down.
  • 2 skirts, which look good with heels or flats.
  • Tops of different weights, which can be layered if the weather is changeable. Cardigans and pashminas are great, or a lightweight jacket.
  • 2 dresses, ideally patterned. Patterns don’t show creases or sweat marks as much as plain material.

Don’t forget your accessories. Jewellery, belts, scarves, are all winners. Easily packable, they give you a chance to dress your outfit up or down.

A waterproof mascara, an eyeliner or eye palette and that one lipstick. Instead of foundation, try a bronzer or an illuminator and sweep it over your cheekbones or collarbones to give an instant glow.

Now roll your clothes into three sausages. The first is for tops and dresses, one inside the other, with the most crushable fabrics on the outside. Trousers and skirts go in the second sausage and everything else goes in the third.

If when you get to your destination some clothes are slightly creased, fear not! Hang them up in the bathroom, switch on the shower and let the steam work it’s magic.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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