Holiday Packing

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June 2023 News

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Holiday packing isn't as complicated as we make it. Before you start, remember, what you bring will depend on:

·       length of stay

·       where you are going (the environment & weather)

·       planned activities

·       access to laundry facilities

·       your clothing personality

Pack from the bottom up, starting with footwear.

Decide which you are wearing while travelling - this can be the pair likely to take up most space or the most comfortable pair - eg trainers, boots. Lay out 2/3 other pairs, for example, one pair of flat sandals and one pair dressy sandals.

Then choose your bottoms (trousers, skirts, shorts). Put what you are wearing to travel in beside your travel shoes. Lay the remainder out on your bed, making sure you can wear them with all the footwear you are packing. Choose neutral colour bottoms for most flexibility. Two casual and one dressy might be a guideline.

Choosing your tops is where you can have most impact and play with colour. Decide what you're wearing while travelling and put that one aside. If you bring tops in your three points of red, then ensure you pack one lipstick from all three of your lipstick colour families. Otherwise limit your point of red to your favourite and you'll only need one lipstick. Spring might be coral; summer might be rose pink; autumn might be orange (rust) and winter might be fuchsia. All of your tops should go with all of your bottoms. Bring one or two that can be dressed up if you want evening attire.

One jacket which can be worn while travelling. Choose one that will go with everything.

If you wear dresses either choose one that will double up for evening wear or bring one casual and one which is more formal.

Smaller items might include a scarf/sarong/beach kimono, a hat (I wear mine while travelling!) sunglasses, swimwear, belts. Don’t forget your accessories - casual bag, statement earrings, etc. They will dress up your outfit. Pack your costume and cheaper jewellery and leave your valuables safely at home. Add your washbag and make-up. Often on holiday you’ll need less make-up (primer, light foundation, bronzer, lipstick, blusher, mascara. Mix your blusher with lip balm for light daytime lip cover.)

Roll your clothes into tubes – all your tops as one tube, your trousers as another, etc. Fill your shoes with toiletries, underwear, swimwear to save space and to keep the shape in your shoes.

Honour your style profile (clothing personality). Some are natural minimalist and others maximalist. Go with it! However, be realistic about what you will wear. Don’t over-do it. Don’t over-think it. What you don’t have with you, you won’t miss. When you keep your packing to a minimum, you’ll have less decisions to make on holiday. And that means less stress! Keep space in case you buy items when you’re away.

And have a wonderful time.

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