How and why to wear colour during these restrictions

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December 2021 News

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How and Why to Wear Colour during these Restricting Times

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year like no other. For most of us, we are still beset by challenges, restrictions and more time spent at home. There is one definite way to inject a little bit of joy into your life – by adding some colour into your wardrobe. It’s been proven to lighten your mood and improve your confidence.

If you’ve spent years putting on all-black ensembles, it can be hard to break out into the colour zone. This is where I come in. If you‘ve already had your colour consultation, you’ll know what colours make you shine and look radiant. If not, don’t fear; choose red. Everyone suits true red – and it is a colour in which you will feel confident and will have impact.

If you don’t already have colour in your wardrobe, there is plenty of colour in the shops, whether you buy new or pre-loved. If in doubt, play safe with universal red and start small. Here are some more tips.

·       Choose a brighter colour such as pink, yellow or red and wear it as an accent in a belt, bag, scarf or shoes.


·       Alternatively, combine two bright shades together such as bright green and yellow and keep your accessories neutral.


·       Pair a softer shade such as lilac or buttery yellow with neutrals for an elegant look. Softer shades like cornflower blue or jade green combined with a brighter colour such as cherry red will add a dash.


·       Tonal dressing creates harmony using several shades of one colour such as blue, purple, green or an on trend neutral such as beige. Use prints and patterns in tonal colours to add interest to your outfit. Pair with deeper neutral colours to add depth. 


·       Go bold and wear bright contrasting colours from top to toe or against neutrals such as bags or shoes for contrast.


·       Black and white continue to work for those who can successfully wear these colours (1/4 of the population). Add silver or a pale hints of green, blue or pink to lift this monochromatic trend.


·       Adding a swipe of lipstick, in the right shade for you, is an easy way to add colour and have impact.


·       When working online, wear your most vibrant tops (and lipsticks) as colours are dulled down on screen. You have a smaller space on which to be memorable.