How colour changes your mood - and other people's perceptions

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December 2021 News

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Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

Have you ever thought how much colours affect what you see?

Picture a scene at night in summer. It is completely dark. You are looking out of a window at the Alps. It is a beautiful landscape. You can see the rise of the mountains, the tops of trees and maybe a shimmer of light on water. Yet all you can see is outline shapes and shadows.

The beauty is muted. Its daytime glory is indistinct. Why?

There is no colour.

See what happens with the dawn and sunrise.

But if you continue to watch as the dawn breaks, see what occurs.

The sun’s rays touch the tops of the mountains and you see purple, white and blues. As your eye drops to the snow you will see the reflection of the sun on the snow, making it sparkle. On the lower slopes you will see the browns and greys of rock and earth, the dark blue-green of pine trees. Then lower still, your eyes sweep over the brighter greens of grass and bushes; the sparkle of blue water; the reds, yellows, lavenders, blues, whites, pinks and purples of meadow flowers; and the brown of cows and goats that are grazing.

The scene has come to life.

Colour has the power to bring the world to life

Even ‘seeing’ this scene only in your mind’s eye as you imagined it, I expect that your mood changed as you ‘saw’ the blue sky, and the colourful plants and animals. Sunlight was all that was needed to bring the scene to life and to paint it with nature’s colours. Colour has the capacity to lift our mood and to change the way we feel. Things that were shapeless or flat when they were monochrome or unlit suddenly acquire depth and interest. Colours bring cheer.

Have you ever thought of the difference that colour makes to your wardrobe?

If all your clothes are black, grey, navy, brown then you are giving a ‘flatter’ version of yourself to the world. Just like in our alpine scene above. They are perfectly fine colours in themselves but have no contours or richness.

You are in shadow.

More importantly, these colours may influence the way that you feel about yourself. If you are encased in black or grey and feel down, ask yourself if the absence of colour is affecting your mood.

I’m not saying that people should move from wearing all black to parrot-bright colours. But introducing one colour to our monochrome can make all the difference and give it the depth and interest that is lacking. 

If you add a bright emerald green to that navy, suddenly you have created interest. Or try a bright pink with your black, and “Pop”! Or if you wear warmer colours such as camel or khaki, try adding a red to it.

Try it and see! FEEL the difference.

When I wore colour to change my mood and others’ perceptions of me

A while back I was attending an early morning breakfast meeting in winter. I wore a dark brown skirt and jacket, with a cream blouse and looked suitably business-like.

Unfortunately, I had the most horrible cold with puffy eyes and streaming nose. Not a good look for anyone, let alone an image consultant!

In the past, feeling as dreadful as I did that morning, I would have chosen clothing to match my mood. Instead, I added some burnt orange tights and an orange scarf to brighten the whole outfit. Immediately I felt better. The orange lifted my outfit, and as a bright and happy colour, cheered me up.

…And the members of the group remembered me for the right reasons, and not for my red nose!

How you can learn to add colour effectively

During a colour analysis – done in natural daylight so that we see the colours accurately – we discover which are the best colours to suit your colouring. We rate the colours so that you will know which work as a complete outfit, or to use as separates or to add a pop of colour.

All the colours will be from the same colour palette and will belong to YOU, so that you can create a mix and match wardrobe. Then you, too, will know which colour to add to lift your mood, your appearance and your self-esteem.

Book ahead now to get in once lockdown has lifted. I’m already taking bookings for dates from 12th April onwards.

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