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December 2021 News

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1.Neutrals are the most useful colours in your wardrobe and each colour palette has their own set of neutral colours. These are the colours which will go with everything else in your wardrobe. They are also the colours which will give you the most authority when worn and are the colours to choose when your're making an investment purchase. Here are some tips on how to wear your neutrals.  


     When thinking about which neutrals suit us it all depends on our skin tone. Autumn colour palettes suit rich, warm earthy colours such as dark brown, tan, oyster, coffee, khaki, lizard grey, dark olive and marine navy, whilst Springs suit warm, clear colour choices like chocolate, beige, dove grey, bright navy, tan, honey and cream. Winters look gorgeous in deep, cool colours such as silver, greys, charcoal, indigo, black, mole and stone. Summers suit cool, subtle neutrals such as pink beige, mushroom, rose brown, dark blue grey, light blue grey, soft navy and burgundy.


2.       When it comes to shopping for neutrals, quality is the most important factor to consider. The better the quality of neutral, the more chic you will look.


3.       Neutral colours can provide you with a solid base on which to build your outfit so invest in quality neutral trousers, jackets and blouses. If you want to make a statement, wear one of your wow colours against a neutral background to really make that colour pop! Think raspberry on French navy if you are a summer for example.


4.       Know what whites suit your skin tones. Generally, Springs suit creams, Autumns should choose oyster, Summers should opt for a soft white and Winters look gorgeous in pure white.


5.       Many of us think that black should be worn because it is slimming, but the truth is black only suits people in the Winter palette and it will make everyone else appear tired with a dull looking complexion. Instead opt for a different dark neutral such as grey, brown or navy from your season’s palette which will make you look radiant.


6.       Two neutrals are enough in one outfit, but try pairing darker neutrals that are often more authoritative with a lighter neutral, such as a dark olive jacket with a simple cream tee if you are an Autumn, or a pure white shirt with a charcoal skirt if you are a Winter.  Enjoy experimenting a little.


7.       Red tends to go well with all neutrals, with primary red being the only colour that suits all skin types.  Black, navy, grey and whites go particularly well with red for cool skins whilst brown, beige, camel and cream set off red for warm skins.  An outfit made up of neutral colours will often look incredible with a pop of red lipstick as long as it is a red that suits your skin tone.  Summer palettes glow in cherry and cool red, Autumns beguile in rust or brick reds, Winters captivate in scarlet and carmine, Springs look gorgeous in geranium and poppy red.


8.       Don’t be afraid to add statement jewellery to jazz up a more neutral outfit, making sure the scale of the jewellery suits your style.   Alternatively layer neutrals on neutrals for a fresh look. Powder pink and mushroom are an irresistible combination for a Summer.


9.       Add a statement coat, handbag or shoes to an all neutral outfit.  What could look better than someone with a Spring palette wearing a bright navy outfit with a pop of coral in their accessories?


10.   Metallics are also considered neutrals in fashion whether that is gold, silver, copper, bronze, gunmetal, rose gold or pewter but your metallic is dependent on your season.  Make sure you wear the right metals for your skin tones ie Autumns and Springs should choose warm golds whilst Winters and Summers look good in cool silvers.