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November 2022 News

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So, we are nearly six weeks into lockdown. How are you getting on? Last week seemed to be the most challenging so far, I felt quite low and tired and I spoke to a lot of people who were feeling the same. Then I read an article saying that this is actually the time when things get weird in isolation! So, if you’re feeling a bit fed up (and I think we all do, then we feel guilty as so many are worse off) be assured that you’re not alone.


We are all finding different ways to occupy ourselves during lockdown and more and more of us are shopping online. But it can be like going down a rabbit hole - you can be there for hours and who knows what you might buy after a few glasses of wine!


We also tend to go to the same websites and that can leave us with the same look plus we often search on the same colours so use your wallet to highlight other colours you are missing and try searching on them to help your wardrobe become more diverse.


Try some new shops – I like Wolf & Badger for pieces that are different, Zara is always on trend, Boden has wonderful colours, JD Williams has some great stuff, Me & Em is fabulous (pricey though!) and my fave at the moment is Hush.


Start at the ‘New In’, tab and see what's about - go for colour first. Click on and check colours available. If you like the look, add it to your bag and do a cull at the end. It’s much easier to take things out than trying to remember what you saw.


Don’t get drawn in by the way the model looks, remember your body architecture and your proportions.


Be aware of sizing, it varies from shop to shop so look at the guides on the site. Order two sizes to try if you’re not sure.


Check they offer free returns and make sure you do send back. I see so many clothes with tags on when I do wardrobe edits – such a waste of money plus someone else could be loving those clothes.


Remember your budget, it’s easy to get carried away


Use our Trend reports to help. We often have no ideas on how to put looks together – need to look on the websites ‘trends/look book bits to get a feel’


Set up an email address for online shopping only. This keeps all the promo emails (which can be useful) in one place and stops them clogging up your main inbox. 


Make sure you register to get any introductory offers, most sites offer 10-20% off first orders.


Check fabric and washing instructions. Will you really handwash?!


Add a random! Not totally random, make sure it is in your colours & style but push yourself a bit and add something you wouldn’t usually.


When you get your parcel, colours always look different when they arrive! If the colour isn’t right, don’t waste your time trying it – send it straight back.


Try it on with existing things in your wardrobe to make sure it ticks your TOP TIPS


Run it through your wardrobe words to check it’s YOURS (email me if you need a reminder of yours)


Try to accessorise it or wear it in different ways to make it multi purpose, you want everything in your wardrobe to earn it’s keep.


Make sure you send back if not right…or it’s a waste of money!


Nothing is better than shopping in person. Especially when you go with me! But hopefully these tips will help you shop more effectively.


I have expanded my online shopping service so book in for a complimentary 15 minute Zoom chat to see how I can help.