Is your sale item really a bargain?

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December 2021 News

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If you are one of those who relish waiting for the sales before shopping, here are some top tips to ensure the bargain you grab is really a bargain for you.

Here's an interesting statistic for you. Most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. So a true bargain is an item of clothing that makes you look and feel fantastic every time you wear it. And actually, bargains aren't always cheap. 

The cost per wear equation

The price of a garment isn't just the amount of money you pay for it. Think about your most loved piece of clothing and try this simple equation: 

Cost of garment ÷ the number of times you wear it = cost per wear

Cost per wear can turn even the most expensive clothing into a bargain - especially when you factor in the amount of confidence you get from wearing it.

Think about buying the more expensive one off items in one of your neutral colours. That way it will match more items from your wardrobe and you'll wear it to death. You'll learn what your neutrals are when you have your colour analysis. Or, buy one of your 'wow' colours so you look fabulous every time you wear it.  

Filling the gap in your wardrobe

Many of us fall into the trap of 'repeat buying'. Something looks good so we stay safe and buy something as close to it over and over again. It's particularly tempting when there's money off your repeat item. My trap items are button up crew neck cardigans!

Before you hit the sales, get strategic. Identify a key item that's missing from your wardrobe, something that would bring several outfits together. Then fill that gap rather than adding to the clutter. Do your research. Use the same method you would if you were buying a carpet. Make sure it's durable, it fits, the colour works and you'll wear it at least 30 times.

Can you leave the shop without it?

Even when you've a clear goal in mind, it's easy to get seduced by the discount label to end up wiith an 'it'll do' item. Perfection is difficult to spot during the sales, but you can strive towards it. My top tip is to ask yourself this before you get to the till:

Can I leave the shop without it, ie, will I still be thinking about it when I get home? If the answer is 'yse', leave. If it's 'no', go ahead and buy it. 

Rather than filling your wardrobe gap with an 'it'll do' item, keep that money and invest it in that perfect colour and style which will look gorgeous for the long term. 

And it's important to be comfortable during your shopping day. Wear flat shoes and comfortable clothes, things that are easy to whip on and off in the changing room.