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December 2021 News

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Now’s not too early to think about Christmas

2020 = a year without markers

This has been the strangest year - time has been playing tricks on us all as we have lost our usual seasonal markers throughout the year. And time is passing by so quickly that Christmas will soon be here.

We have all missed out on a lot of our usual contact with others in 2020 due to social distancing. So, when we think about Christmas this year, we need to think of gifts that are not only fabulous, show that we care and miss people, but also take into account the need to get out of the house for an experience.

Colour and style sessions do just that – they give people transforming experiences. But they also gift the practical knowledge of how to implement that transforming power everyday, which means that this special gift lasts forever.

What can we do, and where can we go?

2020 will soon come to a close and many of us feel that we have only survived it, not lived it fully, which is why it is worth considering the value of gifts that lift us up from what has been a difficult, depressing and very draining year – with, as yet, no clear end in sight.

Tiered restrictions around the country mean that we don’t know what we can do, if we can travel or, most importantly, who we can see. And seeing people and being together is so important for us humans as we are social animals. The isolation that lockdown is creating is hugely distressing for many, even if some are relishing the chance to be alone.

Make this Christmas special in new ways

But contrary to messages in the media, Christmas has not been cancelled! It will be a shining star to mark the middle of the dark months, both literally and figuratively. And I, for one, am buying all my gifts locally from small businesses. Because I want to give something unique and special to those I care about, and because I want those businesses to thrive beyond the end of the pandemic.

As I have posted in a previous blog, experiences make the best Christmas presents: they give us the chance to get out and be with people, to enjoy the occasion and to savour the memory (and knowledge) afterwards. They have a longer lifespan for the recipient and can be shared through conversations and photographs.

A safe space

When you come for any kind of session with me, a colour or style session, a makeup tutorial, an accessorising lesson, you are both learning and sharing. You will learn new skills to put into your toolkit that will last you forever, as well as experiencing the joy of seeing the new you!

I also pride myself on making it a bespoke session that is tweaked to your requirements. We are meeting one-to-one, or with a family bubble of two only and I make the environment a nurturing and non-judgemental, calm space where you feel safe and comfortable. This can make all the difference in enabling you to explore and express all that you truly are.

(I shall be blogging about this in more detail next month).

Physical versus online spaces

I have been really surprised, and pleased, that, despite the worries of spreading Covid-19, people still want to come and see me in my studio. I am happy to be able to hold sessions in person and to make their session ‘hands-on’ – within the limits of social distancing, of course! This is instead of opting for what looks like a more convenient set of online style sessions in their own homes.

I think that is because we have been starved of physical occasions and events, as I mentioned at the start. We have few opportunities to get together with others to share our thoughts and feelings, and physical contact has been severely curtailed, so people are relishing the chance of coming out for the day.

However, people also know that the studio and approach area is cleaned, wiped down and sterilised before they come and after they have gone home in line with Covid-19 hygiene training. Therefore, they feel safe and reassured, which enables them to relax and fully participate in their day.

Gifts come in all sizes

If you already know your colour and style, why not get someone to buy you a gorgeous set of makeup, or accessory that you know will enhance your look? Or treat yourself to a top-up or refresher session…

Or buy it as a gift, or give a gift voucher towards a session for someone you love? I sell gift vouchers in all denominations from £25 upwards.

Go on, give someone a gift that will last them for life!

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