Making a good style investment

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December 2021 News

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A good style investment begins and ends with you!  It is about paying attention to how your clothes feel on you and whilst shopping, what details draw you to them in the first place? 

At House of Colour we believe that the person on the inside needs to be reflected in the language of the clothes on the outside’. 

In my personal life I have been extremely fortunate to have a wonderful style education through my grandmother, mother and aunties.  I loved going shopping with my grandmother and mother from the young age of 6 (now 49) I have so many stories I could tell you. 

Every Saturday we shopped at our local department store in Woodford Green called ‘Puddicombes’.  It was completely fabulous; I loved the tradition and the personal service they offered.  However, my dear grandmother had remarkably high expectations for her clothes, she was always looking for outstanding quality and detail.  On this particular day, one of the lovely shop assistants politely asked my grandmother if she could help her, my grandmother replied, “not with the rubbish you have in here”!  I remember feeling completely embarrassed from my grandmother’s “rude” reply to the helpful shop assistant. Now, on reflection, it is what we teach at House of Colour. My grandmother was right, you should not settle for just anything when it comes to your clothes, no matter how polite and helpful the shop assistant is, I’m not saying I would react in the same way as my grandmother but I follow the rules that if I think the clothes are “rubbish” then they are not for me, thank you.

Making a good style investment comes from the ‘pause’ in your shopping habits, using a more considered approach, looking for quality over quantity.  Are the buttons secure on the garment, what is the stitching like? Take the time to consider these things before buying, they will last you longer and it will become a good investment.

We really need a good back bone when it comes to our wardrobe choices to be able to carry the trends each season. By pausing before you purchase, consider how the garment or accessory makes you feel before spending your money.  This is the key to looking stylish. 

Spending your money wisely with a more sustainable approach and although quality clothes may be more expensive, they will probably last you longer.  Make your investments in great fitting jeans, trousers, blazers, coats, boots and handbags.  Bring your personality through in your patterns, fabrics and shapes.  My style personality is ‘Ingenue Romantic’ which means I need structure, prettiness, glamour, luxury and drape in my clothes.  This fits with my curvy and structured body shape and my LOVE for femininity in everything I wear.

Next time you are in your wardrobe, think of me sitting on your shoulder, pay REAL attention to how you are really feeling in the outfit and ask yourself these simple questions

   ❤  Does this outfit make me smile?   Yes!  Brilliant this is a fabulous outfit for you

         ❤  Do I feel at ease in this outfit?   Yes!  Marvellous, keep wearing it

·        ❤   Do I feel “just ok” or “it will do” in this outfit?   Yes!  Just ok and it will do, is not enough, you want to feel fabulous in every outfit you wear.

·        ❤  Was it a quick buy or in the sale?  Yes! When we haven’t put much thought into purchasing certain items, these are not always our best buys.  If it doesn’t work, give it to charity and let someone else feel fabulous in it instead…

·        ❤  Do you feel like you have a stranger on your body?  Yes! Then it’s not for you, we do not want any strangers on our body or in our wardrobe.  We only want friends here.

·        ❤  What is your mood doing? Is your mood lifted? Great, Keep it.  If your mood has dropped, Get rid of it.

We all like to bring out our ‘inner child’, try viewing your wardrobe like a playground.  Don’t’ worry about making mistakes, just have fun, try new things together and pay attention to your feelings and mood. 

Your clothes are powerful and they will have all the answers you need to make you feel Fabulous everyday.

The Style Fairy Godmother with love xxx