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December 2021 News

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Jessica Adele Ford recently had a personal style consultation and colour analysis with Jo Gaffney, a House of Colour image consultant in Worcester. Here is Jessica’s story.

“My name is Jessica Adele Ford, and I’m delighted and honoured to be Miss Solihull International 2021. As a 21 year old, it’s important to me to feel and look amazing all the time. I love to compete in beauty pageants which gives me a platform to raise awareness and fundraise for charities

I cannot recommend House of Colour enough! As a young woman who loves to competein beauty pageants, I have always been interested in fashion however, I knew that there was something missing in my levelling up journey. I didn’t know how to dress myself so that I was always my most authentic. I hadn’t considered my body shape properly, how to add my personality or the impact the right colours have when in harmony with my skin.

After my initial consultation with my incredible stylist Jo, my eyes were opened to a whole new world! Jo took my body geometrics to explain my body architecture, analysed my proportions, and dug into my personality. At first I didn’t see how this was relevant, but how wrong I was. During our second session Jo discussed the clothing fabrics, explained which styles suited my personality best so that I could feel the best version of myself. I now have a clear guidelines and since the consultation I am much more confident buying staple quality pieces for my wardrobe. I know they are timeless and they suit my body type.

Since my consultation Jo has been there to answer any questions I may have and has supported me on my levelling up journey. We all have so much to learn about our own style, having a stylist tailoring (no pun intended) the information you need is the best investment you can make."


Colour Analysis

I cannot believe the difference Jo has made to my life., I have never before felt so confident. At the risk of sounding dramatic, before my consultation every time I went to my wardrobe, I felt overwhelmed. Now, thanks to House Of Colour, I know exactly what to wear and how to accessorize.

Following the style consultation I had a colour analysis which is my favourite part of the process.… Wow! This session was amazing. I realise now that I never understood the power of colour. I discovered that I have been wearing unflattering colours for the past 21 years.

During my in-depth consultation, Jo began by explaining the science of colour. I never thought of colour as a science. After the explanation, I sat in front of a mirror, wearing a white apron (to cover my clothes). Jo placed lots of different coloured drapes on me alternating between warm and cool tones. Through this process I saw that my skin undertones are cool. I had been convinced I had warm tones. With each drape, I quickly saw the power of colour. Some made me look and feel incredible, while others made me look ill!

I discovered that cool, bright, high-contrast colours suit me best (in House of Colour these are called winter colours). The analysis session includes make-up which is matched perfectly to skin tones. As someone who, prior to this session believed they had were warm tones, I realised it was time to change. Jo meticulously tried a variety of blushers, lipsticks, and foundation advising on which worked best for me. I have never looked as fresh. Jo also gave advice about my hair colour.

At the end of this incredible experience, I was given a swatch wallet with all the different shades of colours that make me look WOW. I bring it with me whenever I go shoppingI was also given a booklet with in depth information about the colours, information on how to wear them and recommendations on the best make-up. During the analysis, Jo had coffee and snacks on hand to ensure I was comfortable. The day was a real luxury experience. I recommend a consultation to everyone for the knowledge and experience. It was a truly memorable day!”


We spoke to Jo Gaffney, who is Jessica’s consultant and is based in Worcester. Here is what she had to say.

“Reading Jess’s words is heart-warming, reassuring and fills me with a sense of pride. I love what I do. What clients may not realise is when they visit a House of Colour Personal Stylist we feel privileged to work with them. . It honours me that someone chooses to visit, then follows that up with taking in their newfound knowledge and putting it into practice.

Every single person is different, and our approach takes this into account. As Jess says we tailor the information to meet the clients’ needs. The combination of Jess’s work, lifestyle, personality, body shape and colouring will be unique to her. So also is her style. We take the time to get to know you so it stands to reason the results will have you feeling the absolute best version of you. I am loving working with Jess and when she sends me pictures of her dresses chosen with knowledge and consideration, I cannot deny I have been quite emotional.

Jess has fully embraced the experience and the results speak for themselves. I will watch with interest her journey as I do with all clients. You do not have to be in the public eye or be a pageant queen; we all deserve to feel fabulous, and a House of Colour stylist will show you how to achieve this every day.

We wish Jessica the very best of luck in the Miss International finals!

Colour and Personal style sessions were gifted to Jessica and House of Colour is her official sponsor for the Miss International Finals.

Blog in partnership with Jo Gaffney, consultant for Worcester 


Colour and Personal style sessions were gifted to Jessica and we are her official sponsors for the Miss International Finals