More than a Card on Mothers’ Day.

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December 2021 News

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My mother is beautiful. I am sure your mother is too.

Yes, your mother is beautiful, but does she know it?

I was talking to one of my clients the other day; she was telling me about the day she and her mother came for their colour analysis consultations.

“Mum always seemed quietly and comfortably confident.  She has always known what suits her and taken pleasure in her clothes. But all that changed when her hair changed colour. She lost her confidence and seemed to become, almost overnight, an old lady. 

“I was so upset. Where had my lovely warm pretty mother gone? I didn’t recognise her. She had stopped wearing the rich autumn shades she used to love and had started to wear grey and blue and purple; she thought they went with her grey hair.

“Then a friend told me about House of Colour. Mum was a bit reluctant at first, but I told her I wanted her to do it as a birthday treat.

“It was wonderful to see the years drop away as you put russets and deep gold and mossy green on her. The shadows fled from her face and her hair brightened from a dull grey to a warm beige. Suddenly, I had my mother back! I cried. She cried, and I seem to remember that even you cried!

“Well, Mum went home and threw out all those new clothes and went back to wearing all the rich Autumn Colours she had always loved – but now she wears them with far more confidence – and with a lovely bright lipstick. She says it is the best gift I have ever given her; well, apart from the grandchildren, of course.”

One of my favourite consultations is when I have mothers and daughters (even granddaughters) in my studio together. On those days there are nearly always tears as each sees not only the beauty in the other – which they have always known, but the beauty in themselves.

Mothers spend so much time looking after children, even when those children are grown, that they can lose sight of themselves. With a Colour Consultation, they see clearly, sometimes for the first time, who they really are; how lovely they really are.


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