My House of Colour Journey, by Caroline Bawn

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December 2021 News

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House of Colour, My Ongoing Journey 


I met Tracey about 2 years ago at a charity swishing event and began my journey with her.


 Knowing my colours and style is more than just wearing clothes that suit my shape that I feel comfortable in. It has meant that I can understand better how I relate to others, and enables me to be kinder to myself when something goes wonky in life. This also helps me to relate better and be more patient and tolerant! We are all different, and everyone has their own “best” way of doing something.


The Ugly Older Sister, the Dowdy Friend, the Dull Middle-aged Woman


My experience was probably quite similar to many of the people (men and women) who have had a House of Colour consultation. 


I thought I looked good before; I enjoyed wearing a variety of colours and I thought they suited me. Then I was draped, and could immediately see that the cool, blue-based blouse I was wearing drained all the colour from my face and made me look sallow. I could see that cream was much more flattering and combined with other warm toned colours my eyes sparkled and I looked well, radiant, glowing and naturally beautiful.


I didn’t realise then what a profound and lasting effect this day would have on my life, both personally and professionally.


I quickly embraced wearing “my colours”; those that suited me best. I no longer felt like the ugly older sister, the dowdy friend, the dull middle aged woman. I had been given the insight to wear colours in a new way that meant I could always look and feel my best. Most importantly I felt I could show my true self to the world and look great, rather than wearing a “uniform” of black, white and grey.


Not Just How I Look, But How I Feel


I wear the colours and shapes that work best for me and my lifestyle. I often get compliments about how lovely I look, that’s always nice of course! 


Getting dressed is easy. I have clothes that look great on me, and I have the ability to put outfits together with colourful accessories for almost all occasions without feeling over or under dressed. 


Most importantly, I am showing the world the REAL me. But it’s not just how I look. It’s fundamentally about how I feel. I feel like I have become my true self, and I am so much happier and settled as a result. I am confident, and feel capable and I know how I look and feel projects this. I have invested in myself and I’m enjoying the results. 


Gorgeous Yarns is on a House of Colour Journey


My business, Gorgeous Yarns, has had a colour and style transformation too!  I have a new logo and branding that incorporates the essence of who I am as seen through the lens of colour and style.  I have redesigned all my product packaging to reflect the quality of my products.


Better Able to Present Myself Credibly and Confidently


Since being on my House of Colour journey, my business confidence had increased. I feel able to present myself as a credible and confident business owner. As a result, I have new directions to explore and new products being developed. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I would previously not had the confidence to try, and my business has grown because I feel more positive about myself.