What are my 3 points of red?

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December 2021 News

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There is a lot to take in on your colour analysis consultation and this is a really important part to get your head around to make the most of your look.

During your session your consultant will have introduced you to the 3 points of red for your season and why you need at least 3 lipsticks in your make up bag.

Wearing your lipsticks in your colours will clear your skin, brighten your eyes and have the biggest impact on how you look, so they are worth persevering with.

During the session you will have had the chance to try a lipstick from each of the 3 points of red. 

Here’s a reminder of how it works:

In general, all the colours from your colour palette, not only go with you but also with each other.  The only colours that fall outside of this are your 3 points of red, which, while still looking fabulous on you will clash a little with each other.   This is important when combining colours to make an outfit and also when deciding which lipstick to wear with each outfit.

To make the most of your whole colour palette and in order to look your best whilst wearing any of the colours from your season, you need to match your lipsticks to the points of red.

So, if you are actually wearing one of your points of red then your lipstick needs to be from the same point of red.  If you are wearing other colours from your season such as your neutral shades or any of your greens, blues and yellows, then you can choose to wear any of the lipsticks from your season with these as they will tone beautifully and won’t clash.

Here are the three points of red for each of the seasons along with some lipstick ideas.  Your consultant may have suggested great alternatives to these to personalise your look, however, these lipsticks are a really good place to start or to add to your collection if you don’t already have them. All the lipsticks mentioned are available from our web shop



Springs:  Your 3 points are red, pink and coral 

Red –Geranium red (L606) or Brick (L12)

Coral – Smooth soft coral (L709) or Coral (L174)

Pink - Geranium pink (L30) or Flamingo pink (L347)





Summers: Your 3 points are red, plum pink and rose pink

Red – Cherry (L28) or Matte raspberry (L302)

Plum pink – Clover (L35) or Dusty rose (L671)

Rose pink – Soft rose (L719) or Musk pink (L495)

Summers may also like to add in Soft burgundy rose (L50) or Berry (L718) to go with burgundy.



Autumns: Your 3 points are red, rust and coral 

Red –Geranium red (L606) or Brick (L12)

Coral – Smooth soft coral (L709) or Coral (L174)

Rust – Rust (L5) or Shimmering copper (L648)





Winters:   Your 3 points are red, fuchsia and burgundy

Red – Carmine (L27) or Deep red (L499)

Fuchsia – Deep fuchsia (L62) or Damson (L54)

Burgundy – Burgundy (L512) or Berry (L718)




Each lipstick is really versatile because it can be worn with its point of red or with any of the other colours from your season (just not the other points of red).

If you would like more help with this then please contact your consultant and/or book a make up session or colour re-rate.   An advanced colour session is also a great next step as it introduces you to lots of lovely colour combinations for your season and the very best lipsticks to go with them.


Need some inspiration? How about these ideas for the coming festive season?

Reds and your deeper colours make great colour choices and adding some shimmer or shine to your lips will give you a fantastic look for nights out and parties during the festive season. Here are some lipstick and lipgloss ideas from your colour palette.

Spring: For a festive look try Geranium red (L606) or Brick (L12). For added glamour, try adding a small amount of Gold sparkle (L100) or High shine clear gloss (LG58) over these or any of your lipsticks.

Summer: A great pinky red for summers is Cherry (L28) or go deeper with Soft burgundy rose (L50) or Berry (L718). For extra shimmer or shine try adding a small amount of Cool shimmer (L682) or High shine clear gloss (LG58) over these or any of your lipsticks.

Autumn: A great red for autumns is Brick (L12) or go richer and deeper with Bronze (L506) or Shimmering copper (L648). For added glamour, try adding a small amount of Gold sparkle (L100) or High shine clear gloss (LG58) over these or any of your lipsticks.

Winter: For a festive deep red try Carmine (L27) or go deeper still with Burgundy wine shimmer (L673). Add High shine clear gloss (LG58) over these or any of your lipsticks for a party look.