So why do the Style Session?

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January 2022 News

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Looking my best and dressing well is one of life’s pleasures for me now. 

At 63 and slightly above my ideal weight, I am finally, finally, at peace with my wardrobe! I now enjoy putting outfits together, I love my clothes. I have clothes for every occasion so no real need to shop but I do shop when the mood takes me. I now cherry-pick from fashion so my look evolves and doesn’t become boring. I love Nia Sharma’s quote ‘Life is too short to wear boring clothes’ and can quite fancy myself becoming that slightly eccentric old lady whose look turns heads in her 90’s…. and why not?


Why would we not want to make the best of ourselves? If we look good, we feel good or at least better. Feeling inspired by what we wear, even creative, when we get dressed in the morning gives you confidence for the day ahead….what’s not to love?


It can be quite a journey to have confidence in your own personal style though and I readily confess it was a journey for me. I, like so many, used to be completely frustrated with my wardrobe, lots of clothes and nothing to wear. If I lost 2 stone in weight, if I was a different shape, if I could afford x, if, if, if.....


Colour was a huge step forward in understanding my colour palette, but it was the Style session that really made the enormous shift in thinking that finally sorted the wardrobe once and for all. For the first time I had to think, really think, how I wanted to present myself to the world. 


My look conveys so much about me so it should tell the story of who I am. I learnt about dressing my body shape needing stretchy and soft fabrics not angular and stiff. I learnt about scale and proportions. I might like the prairie dress trend but on 5ft3 me I must be careful not to look drowned! I learnt about the importance of accessorising and how it finishes our look. I learnt I need pretty, feminine clothes with attention to detail...that I shouldn’t worry that I always felt slightly overdressed compared to everyone else... that’s me! It made sense that I have always loved vintage clothes and should really have been born to wear the ‘50’s New Look’. I should just accept who I am and enjoy creatively dressing in my favourite style with its modern-day twist. I learnt about shopping styles, shops, and strategies to enable me to shop wisely and mindfully. I learnt how to sort my wardrobe out and how to build fabulous outfits adding interest with my accessories.


Fast forward 14 years and the lessons learned on that day have empowered me to shop more wisely. I have fewer clothes now but many more outfits that I love and wear. It’s a sad fact that research shows that most women wear just 15% of their clothes 85% of the time. We are wearing the same old outfits despite owning wardrobes that are packed with clothes. An HoC Style session can change all that, are you ready to invest in yourself and discover your personal style?


Sue came for her Colour Analysis last December and could barely wait until her Style session first week of January this is what she had to say about it:-


‘I'm so delighted with what I've learned, and you've given me such confidence to experiment. I can't recommend Style highly enough - it was wonderful to have a style day to follow up the colour analysis. I would never have dreamed of putting those pieces together without your help and encouragement. It really is an eye-opener. I thought you would be telling me to start again.

Really and truly worth the investment. I've suddenly got a whole new wardrobe and nothing new added yet. You're a genius! '