Summer hats - what to pick

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June 2022 News

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Summer hats and trends – what to pick.

While we may have highly variable weather in this country a good summer hat is still an essential. We do need to protect our skin in the sunshine. You may have noticed some hats as having a UPF, Ultraviolet Protection Factor.  This is designed to give a rating as to how much combined UVA and UVB rays the fabric protects the wearer from. As an example a UPF 50 protects the wearer from 98% of the rays.  Look out for ratings on new hats.

As ever there are lots of styles to choose from but there are a few trends to look out for.

Bucket hat – this one goes back to the nineties trends we’re seeing this season. Not just for Liam Gallagher this one is right up to date with different fabrics including crochet, straw and fabulous prints.  As a smaller brimmed option and with some fab prints and colours this is very much a fun option – if you need smaller scale and a quirky look this is a great option for you.  Have a play with whether you turn it up loosely at the front too. They fold up much more easily too, so forgiving for holiday packing! Kangol still have a huge range of options.

Baseball Caps – some would say they’ve never been away but this season we’re seeing the elevated baseball cap with a more ‘designer’ feel. Bold branding is a key part of this seasons take so be sure that this is really your thing.

Wide brimmed straw hats – the traditional Panama is still a mainstay and an absolute classic and good quality ones will always be a great investment (traditionally foldable too, try Pachacuti, or The Panama Hat Co.). If you know it suits you try different coloured options and those with pattern which are appearing.  We are seeing more wide brimmed versions in the form a ‘planter’ style, an extended boater style and fedora versions too which are great if you can work a larger scale look.  The larger and softer straw options are still a great summer glamorous look and offer great protection.  The sweeping brim of this style works really well if you need more movement.

The visor – the visor is still very much around this season and can be found in straw options.  It’s a cute look for those who need a smaller scale option but do be aware of it’s limited coverage. Etsy is worth a look.

Texture – we’re seeing a lot of texture in hats of all shapes and sizes – and by that I mean an uneven or perhaps thicker style of straw with raw edges or event larger weave in woven fabric. Again dovetailing with what we’re seeing more broadly in trend terms at the moment. These particularly suit those with natural in their clothing personality.

A note on colour.  Traditional straw shades usually suit a warmer skin tones, so those in the cooler end of the spectrum will need to look at coloured options.

As ever the golden rule is to go with something that reflects your clothing personality, and also gives you the right scale.  If your look needs larger pieces (accessories, prints, lapels) then a wider brimmed hat is for you.  You’ll know if you look swamped and need something smaller in scale (if you’re not clear what level of scale or texture suits you and it can make a huge difference, find your nearest stylist). I’m off to find myself a funky print bucket option!