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December 2021 News

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6  STEPS TO SUMMER MAKE-UP THAT LASTS…with house of colour

Whether you apply make-up for your Zoom meetings, or just to make you feel good on lockdown, applying make-up is like adding the icing to your cake!

From a young age I have always been experimenting and buying the latest ‘must have product’, that is going to sculpt or bronze my face, give me plumper, fuller lips, or make my skin iridescent and flawless!

In reality, you don’t need a lot of makeup. But as we mature and our skin changes – think kids and menopause, we do need some. Even the smallest amount of colour matched make-up, will make your look complete. Instead of making us look tired and dull, it will give us a freshness and vibrancy.

My 6 steps to ‘summer make-up that will last’, using House of Colour, coloured matched makeup products, will take you from dawn till dusk and will take no longer than 2-3 minutes to apply.

It’s quick, easy and fool proof!

6 steps to summer make-up that lasts…

Step 1: Applying primer under your foundation (but over your moisturiser), will keep your make-up looking as great at the end of the day and when you first applied it.

Step 2: Liquid foundations are great for maturing skin (minerals are perfect for younger skin). They will give a better coverage, often giving a dewier look than powder, which can sink into facial lines.

Step 3: Blusher instantly brightens the face and gives your face it’s structure – it’s a MUST. Getting a coloured matched blusher (as with all your make-up products is key). It will define your cheekbones and will make your face look slimmer!

Step 4: Define your brows. They frame your face and can give you an instant face lift! Remember, it’s more about a natural filling in of the missing coverage and creating an arching shape, rather than looking too heavy and drawn in.

Step 5: If you are looking for a ‘less is more’ eye look, add a small application of your blusher on your lids and blend out. Keep it light and take it over the lid (NOT all the way up to your brows). For a deeper eye, take 3 shades, light, medium, and dark. Take the medium shade over your eye, the lighter shade nearer the arch beneath your brow bone and use the darker colour to create a > at the corner of your eye. Then blend those lines.

Step 6:  FORGET YOUR LIPSTICK. Even just adding lipstick to a make-up free face, will lift your face and give you colour. It’s like PURE MAGIC!

Regardless of your age or ability with makeup or you stage in life, Wear makeup, even if it's just the basics. People notice. Look after yourself and be the best version of you. Give it a go,  YOU ARE WORTH IT……..

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  Judi x