Take care of your clothes and they will richly repay you!

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December 2021 News

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Let’s start 2021 with a new challenge!

 I’d like us to start off this year with a challenge to ourselves.

If you remember, last month we looked at the impact of clothing on the environment and the bit which we can all do to reduce that impact. My original thoughts were to issue a challenge – to myself as well as to you - asking you to buy something from a charity shop and share how you are using it with your existing wardrobe. As, along with all other non-essential retail stores, charity shops are currently closed, I have instead, two challenges for you:

First challenge = update or change up your clothes

The first is quite simple: go into your wardrobe and consciously look out an item which you have not worn for more than six months. Try it on.

Does it fit? If not, then put it into a bag ready to pass on.

If it does, then ask yourself why you haven’t worn it. Is it a special occasion outfit (we have had precious few of those in 2020!) which is just waiting for its time to come again? Do you no longer like it? Is it too tired and outdated for you to consider wearing it?

Here are a few options you could try:

  • ·         Change the buttons
  • ·         Add some interest such as braiding, piping, applique or lace …
  • ·         Or does it need something more edgy such as studs, or rivets?

Work on that item until you find yourself loving it again.

Then wear it! At the first possible opportunity!

My second challenge = consider how you look after your clothes.

Ask yourself the simple question: How do you care for your clothes?

Many of us can be quite slob-like when we are dealing with our clothes! We take them off and drop them… all over the place! On the bedroom floor, in the bathroom, over the backs of chairs, on the top of sofas… the list goes on.

And of course, clothes aren’t made to be treated that way. They are intended to sit on your body or on hangers, or to be put neatly into drawers where they won’t be torn, or have our pets walking over them.

Look after your clothes with care, tenderness and love! You and they will reap the benefits.

Looking after your clothes properly means that they last longer, look better and you feel better when you put them back on.

Stop and ask yourself – how much is that pile of clothes I’ve left lying on the floor worth right now? How much did I spend on it? It’s bound to be worth many pounds. So why is the cat sleeping on it…?

My top tips are:

  • ·         Do look at the care instructions and follow them – your clothes will repay you for it.
  • ·         Don’t hang clothes in your wardrobe warm – put them on a hanger on the outside of your wardrobe. Air them and you might not need to wash them every time before you wear them again.
  • ·         Handwash where necessary and drip dry silks, or lay out woollens so that they keep their shape.
  • ·         Turn down the spin on your washing machine. Your clothes may come out wetter than normal, but you’ll save yourself ironing time.
  • ·         Put delicate items into a washing bag before placing in the machine.
  • ·         And to protect the environment, buy a fibre catcher which prevents the fibres shed from our clothes from washing out into the water courses.
  • ·         Invest in decent quality hangers and space your clothes in your wardrobe instead of crowding them.

Are you ready to give your clothes an overhaul?

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Linda Clark

House of Colour Lichfield

07790 653669 linda.clark@houseofcolour.co.uk Instagram: lindaclark_yourpersonalstylist