The Rise of the trainer shoe

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December 2021 News

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Once upon a time there was a shoe called a trainer. This was used generally for exercising, or in my case, pretending to exercise.

Fast forward to 2018, and such is the rise of the trainer shoes, or newly named sneakers that Selfridges have a dedicated 165 square metre space dedicated to what they are calling "sneaker space". Their rise in popularity is such that people are now writing articles on whether they are acceptable to wear to dinner parties.

This will largely depend on your clothing personality. Me being part gamine (tomboy), I'm absolutely thrilled! As much as I love the idea of heels, they are far too glamorous for me, and when and if I wear them I feel a little like how I imagine the Leaning Tower of Pisa feels! However for my friend who has romantic in her personality, this is an area of absolute no go. In her words "I'd look like Florence from the magic roundabout"

A few things to bear in mind when wearing what are now called 'occasion trainers'

Trainers embellished with crystals will lift pared-down evening wear

Wedge trainers will add height

Velvet trainers or animal print worn with cropped trousers can have a more grown up look

Trainers should always be clean

Be careful with white trainers - you don't want to fall into tennis coach territory!

They are a great way of adding versatility to outfits, taking them from formal to smart casual. There are sparkly one, embellished ones, velvet ones and colourful ones. As the saying goes,  if the shoes fits.....your feet will certainly thank you.