To dye or not to dye

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December 2021 News

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So you've had your colours done and you get home to find some clothes that are no longer right for your season. I always tell clients, that rebuilding your wardrobe will take time - the majority of us have limited funds! The most important thing is to firstly concentrate on what you're wearingunder your face, followed by making new purchases in your new colours.

But what can you do with clothes that still have life in them, or, that you actually really like but the colour is wrong.

How about trying to dye them? The Dylon range now have a fantastic array of colours and shades, both available for hand and machine washing.

"But can I dye anything?" I hear you cry. The simple answer is no. Natural fabrics lend themselves much better to symthetic fabrics. 

Dylon have a fantastic website with a whole section on what and how to dye different fabrics. It even includes advice for dying shoes.

Give it a could give an item of clothing a whole new lease of life!