Top 5 Packing Tips for a British Staycation

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December 2021 News

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Less than a week away from the schools breaking up for the summer holidays and many of us are looking forward to a few days away in the UK this summer (as well as wondering how we will keep the children occupied for the next 6 weeks!!) 

 Here are a few tips I will be using when packing for my British staycation this summer. I get excited just even thinking about coordinating my outfits for a few days away.

Tip 1 - Check the weather forecast

It might sound obvious but check the weather forecast before you pack. You don’t want to be sat in the UK expecting to have wall to wall sunshine only to find that the forecast is for rain and you’ve packed every little summer dress and pair of espadrilles you own. If it looks like it might get cooler in the evening, pack a jacket or blazer, but make it one that works with lots of your outfits.

 Tip 2 - Plan your outfits

Plan your outfits for the number of days you are away and for the itinerary you have planned. Whether it’s a few days away with girlfriends or a family trip to the seaside, make sure you have the right amount of clothes for your stay. You don’t want to be lugging around a crammed suitcase for a few days away but you don’t want to be short of outfits either. Capsule wardrobe is key! Lay out your planned outfits, take a jacket/blazer or cardigan and a pair of sandals that can be used with all of them. This will create several different looks using just a few keys pieces. Planning it before you go means you spend more time enjoying your holiday rather than trying to pull an outfit together on a whim.

Tip 3 - Plan your footwear carefully

Exactly what it says… If you plan on doing a great deal of walking then you wont need a dozen pairs of heels. A good pair of walking boots is a must. If you don’t plan on moving far from the pool/beach then sandals, flip flops and a nice pair of espadrilles for the evening is ideal. There’s nothing more irritating than a pair of shoes that rub your feet, you will just be grumpy and uncomfortable which will run your holiday vibes!

Tip 4 - Co-ordinate your accessories to your outfits

Spend time getting your outfits together as mentioned above, but don’t overlook the accessories. These can really make an outfit. Add a bit of sparkle for the evening or remember to pack those sunglasses and hat to keep you protected but also feeling and looking chic by the pool.

Tip 5 - Invest in some packing cubes

These are amazing. I have used packing cubes for the past few years. So easy to find online or places such as Lakeland and will keep your clothes neat and tidy in the case, especially when you roll clothes inside each cube. They will also make life so much easier when you arrive at your destination. Simply lift the cube out of your case, into your drawer at your accommodation and back into the case when you leave. Saves bags of time, keeps your clothes neat and snag free from the zip on the case or anything such as plugs or buckles on shoes etc.

Wherever you are going this summer, day trips or a few days away, I hope you enjoy it. After the past year I think we all deserve a few days of fun in the sunshine making memories. I cant wait for our few days away. 

Happy Summer

Sophia x