Wearing Red

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December 2021 News

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Wearing Red

When we get dressed, do we choose the colours we like or do we choose the colours that like us?

Each of us has a unique skin tone, either yellow or blue based. That is what determines our season and so which colours suit us, which colours help us look at our best. When we know we look at our best, we feel and behave with enhanced confidence and potential. That’s because colours can change more than how we look, they can change how we feel.

Wearing a colour that suits our skin tone makes a big difference. We can go from looking washed out, not well, cold, unfriendly, even 10lbs heavier and as though we’ve been ‘on the port’ to instantly attractive, balanced and showing warmth and potential.

There’s one colour that suits everyone, regardless of their ‘season’. That’s True Red. True Red is one of the three primary colours, Blue, Yellow and Red. The definition of primary colours is that they cannot be created by mixing other colours. True red therefore as a primary colour, does not contain any yellow or blue and tones well with each of the seasons.

All seasons can wear a true red. However, there’s a whole host of reds available. If you find the correct tones for your natural colouring it will work wonders for you. You can compare tones of red by holding them against your face to see which ones lift you and which drain you.  The reds which contain some blue will suit the cooler seasons and those with yellow will suit warmer seasons. The most effective way to know which shades of red truly suit you, is to professionally have your colours analysed.

Even within a season palette different people have distinct wow colours, but summer palettes particularly suit cherry and coral red, autumns glow in rust or brick reds, winters shine in scarlet and carmine, and springs look gorgeous in geranium and poppy red.       

Some people find wearing red too overwhelming to wear as a block colour, so using it as an accent of colour in a handbag, scarf, jewellery, or as a lipstick is often beautifully effective.  However you wear yours, it’s a powerful colour when used in the right shade and can create a real impact.

To learn more about colour analysis, contact me, Ellen Peters at House of Colour Thame & Aylesbury. (ellen.peters@houseofcolour.co.uk)