Wedding Tips for the Bride to be

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December 2021 News

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For most brides picking the right dress can be a daunting but very exciting task, so here are some top tips to help you on your bridal journey. 1. Don’t feel pressured to wear white –Many women think they must have a white wedding dress but the truth is it might not be the best colour for you, in fact only the winter palette can really wear pure white. You may like to wear a different colour altogether but there are many other versions of white from oyster to cream to ivory to silver or light dove grey that might be a better shade for you. 2. Get advice from the professionals – Have your colours analysed ahead of time of your wedding outfit shopping, to make your shopping experience much easier and stress free.  Use your new knowledge about what suits you to help you make informed wedding dress, going away and honeymoon outfits, accessories and make up colour choices.  Wearing the right lipstick and blush colours will really perfect your look and give you the confidence that you look wonderful on this most important day. 3. Accessorise well-Use accessories to show your personality in your outfit.  Some may say your wedding day is the one day when you simply can’t have too much sparkle, but if that is not what suits you, choose beautiful jewellery or hair accessories to suit your personal style.   4. Be colour choosey -Try not to have too many colours flying around or it can look disorganised and uncoordinated. Having two or three colours that you know complement you both is the best way to keep things colourful, yet classically stunning. Use your wow colours, and those of your groom, in your wedding setting, for example choose accent colours for your lipstick and flowers which can be reflected in beautiful satin sashes on the wedding chairs and other decorations. 5. A beautiful bright bouquet –Add stunning impact to your dress by holding a flattering and beautiful bouquet of flowers. Even holding the colours that suit our skin tone close to us will brighten our complexion.  Choose a bouquet scale and design that enhances your body shape and wedding dress style as well. Neither the style nor colour should be overpowering, heavy or unmanageable. 6. Tread carefully – Firstly make sure your shoes are comfortable-no one likes to see a hobbling bride! However, wearing incredible shoes in a wow colour is another way to make a subtle but clear statement.  Just be sure that you are only making one bold statement –not statements about your hair, make up, flowers, shoes and jewellery! 7. No to matchy matchy -Your wedding party doesn’t need to completely match.  Choose two colours that complement each other from your own season palette, or have a range of similar tones so that there is coordination, but still some individuality. Remember different colours suit different people so trying to have one the fits all is not advisable, although a primary red does suit everyone!  8. Leave with a bang -Most people enjoy leaving their wedding in a different going away outfit. This is another chance to look gorgeous in a different wow colour and something that is your perfect style!  When you have planned a glamorous entrance at your wedding, why not a magical exit? 9. Honeymoon shine –You will probably take lots of photos on honeymoon and want to feel fabulous on your special time away together so pack your best clothes and buy a couple of new items to make you feel even more special. Depending on where you are going choose a beautiful swimsuit, evening outfit and a shawl in your wow colours and don’t forget your favourite lipsticks from your season to make sure you look stunning night and day. 10. Show that wedding ring–Everyone will want to see your wedding ring so make sure you have perfectly manicured hands and choose a beautiful colour or French polish for your fingernails.  If you are a warm season (Autumn or Spring) then choose a warm colour.  Summer and winter palettes should choose cooler tones to suit