Wedding tips for the Groom to be

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December 2021 News

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We all know that weddings can be a stressful time, and when it comes to what we are wearing the groom is often far down in the ‘what to wear’ pecking order after bride, mother of the bride and mother of the groom!  Here are some tips for making sure that you have great groom style that will wow your partner and the wedding guests:   1. Consider the formality of the occasion. Are lounge suits going to be the order of the day or is it much more formal than that with morning suits and the full entourage of ushers!2. Hire. It’s more usual for the bride to buy her wedding dress, but for men, hiring is a very realistic option and can enable the guy to wear something with a bit more panache without feeling like he is breaking the bank with a big investment.  3. Choose your colours wisely: The bride may want to choose the colour palette around her and her bridesmaids but that same accent colour tone in the tie / cravat or cummerbund can provide a subtle but stylish link between the happy couple. For a same sex couple be guided by each of your colour season palettes and each choose one of your wow colours as an accent for tie/cravat/cummerbund dependant on formality. 4. It’s all about the shirt. The quality of the shirt is important as it can make a huge difference to the groom’s appearance. There are several different tones of white for example and knowing your best colour palette will define whether you are best in bright white, cream, or variations on ivory or even a beige tone. It’s the little things that count. Make sure that your outfit is perfect down to the last fine detail. Items such as ties, cravats and cufflinks are always noticed and it’s easy to go bolder in your colour choices. 5. It’s a wedding, not business: If you stand by the altar in a business suit that makes you look like you’re heading into a meeting, you are not doing yourself justice. It’s your wedding day as well, so make the most of it and get it right. Choose something well made, with definitive, tailored cuts that suit you and don’t be afraid to let your outfit reflect your personality.  6. Pick your trouser style carefully: Decide what suits you when it comes to choosing between a skinnier or straight legged trousers, single, double or no pleats. Getting these details right can make or break your wedding outfit, as could having the wrong length trousers. 7. Choose the right style of lapel: Even details like the width of the lapel can make a difference. Lapels need to reflect your body line, face shape and personality. 8. Be Square: A pocket square is a great little extra accessory to jazz up a suit. Pick a colour that suits you and the wedding theme but don’t necessarily straight up match it to your tie. A tie in one of your wow colours with a patterned pocket square, or vice versa, makes a style statement for all the right reasons.  9. Wedding ring: When choosing your wedding ring, bear in mind that most winters and summers suit white metal whilst autumns and springs should opt for a warmer gold. 10. Be a Bright Spark: Give yourself style kudos with a wonderful colourful lining in your suit in one of your wow colours.  It is not just the ladies who can wear colour! 11. Grooming is everything: Looking washed out or unshaven because you are wearing the wrong colours isn’t an option on your wedding day! 12. Consider a waistcoat: Suits and a shirt are great, but consider adding another layer to your outfit to make you really stand out. A waistcoat turns your suit into a three piece, giving you a more formal and more elegant look Also, if you get too hot in your jacket, your waistcoat will ensure you still look very savvy in the wedding pictures.