Wedding Tips for the Mother of the Bride

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December 2021 News

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Now it`s not just about `looking good` on the Wedding day, you need to `look good` on the photographs for years to come. So, it makes good sense to get the mother of the bride look right. By investing in some help from a House of Colour expert, you will see for yourself the difference choosing the right Colour and Style can make. You will have more choices of outfit colours which all work on you. Shopping will be a more positive experience and you will look amazing and feel confident on your Daughter`s big day. A Colour Consultation will show you your best head to toe colours along with all the co-ordinating colours which tone and blend with you.You will also know the spectrum of colours for your make-up and by investing in a Skincare and Make-up Class, your stylist will show you how to look after your skin prior to the wedding and how to achieve that perfect polished Special Occasion look. To discover your Style, we consider your body shape, your clothing personality, your body proportions, the choice of fabrics and patterns which all work on you. Your personal consultation can be carried out in one day to include some shopping time or you can join a class and learn in stages with others. The choice is yours. I would be delighted to help you choose the right Mother of the Bride outfit which will be remembered for all the right reasons. The first step is to contact us to discuss your personal requirements. Top Tips for Mother of the Bride Shopping! 1. Go shopping with an open mind to a recommended boutique. 2. Put your best underwear on, wear the most supportive bra and your Spanx. (if required) 3. Take some shoes of the correct heel height to try on with your outfits. 4. Wear your make-up!5. Invest in a Colour & Style consultation with me before you go. If you don`t know your Colours - Think about what colours drain you and make you feel drab and avoid them. Think about what colours `like you` and how good you feel in them. Think about styles too.  Remember black is for funerals!1. Take some jewellery with you to try on with the outfits. 2. Leave pushy friends at home or even better, shop with me as your personal stylist because I will give you unbiased, impartial advice. 3. Set yourself a realistic budget and stick to it. 4. Try on a few outfits to see what style dresses, jackets, patterns and fabrics look good on you. You will learn a lot by allowing yourself to try garments on. 5. Don’t buy anything you don`t LOVE! For further information or to book a session with me, please contact:- Kerry Grant – Soulful Stylist Website – - Instagram – Facebook -