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December 2021 News

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For most brides choosing your wedding dress is an exciting but also a little bit of a daunting task, so here are some top tips to help:- 1. Plan your shopping and call ahead - There is a huge and potentially exhausting range of wedding dress shapes and colours on offer, so it is best to do your research and seek out which boutiques might suit your taste or requirements. Call ahead to see if you need to book a time slot and carefully choose who you want to come with you ie someone who will be honest but will make you feel incredible as you find the perfect dress. 2. Stick to your budget – There is a huge range of dresses to suit a wide range of budgets. Some boutiques stock ex-model dresses which will be discounted. Remember you will probably only wear this dress once so consider that and be budget savvy. 3. Know your colours – Knowing what colours suit you (preferably by having your colours professionally analysed) ahead of your wedding shopping can make your experience much easier because then you can head for the shops armed with the knowledge that you know exactly which colours will look incredible for your wedding dress, going away and honeymoon outfits, accessories and make up. 4. Don’t feel pressured to wear white – Many of us think we have to wear a traditional white wedding dress, but pure white may not be the best colour for you; in fact only the Winter palette (1 in 4 of us) can really wear pure white. There are many other versions of white from oyster to champagne to cream to ivory to silver or light dove grey so know which suits your skin tone the best. 5. No to white - you might want to step away from white altogether and wear a warm navy blue, dusky pink or scarlet red if that makes you feel authentically you. Having a wedding dress in a metallic colour, or in vintage shades, or a gorgeous bright hue is a great way to break with tradition and to be entirely bespoke. If you are choosing a vibrant colour for your wedding dress, consider how to bring it all together with the bridesmaids’ dresses, groom’s colours, flowers, buttonholes and so on. If you simply want to add a pop of colour, a sash around your waist or ribbons in your bodice, your shoes, accessories, bouquet or even your underwear can all serve this purpose well. 6. Know what styles suit you. Taking a personal stylist with you can really help you make possibly the most important wardrobe choice you will ever make. Experiment, have fun and try on a few dresses that you wouldn’t automatically choose just to check you are making the right style choices. Don’t forget to take some photos! 7. Different necklines, lengths and sleeves suit different figures and face shapes. Don’t forget to consider the back of the dress because the guests will see a lot of it! Traditionally wedding dresses are floor length or have a small train which can look absolutely stunning for the classic bride. If you want to be more contemporary see if a tea-length, prom, midi or just above the knee length dress suits you better. 8. Details are everything. Floral patterns can look whimsical whilst sequins and sparkles deliver the sense of occasion and lace patterns or pearls can beautifully overlay a dress. Satin dresses may look incredible on you or choose layered skirts of tulle if you like the fairy tale look. Know what feels and looks right because we don’t all suit the same details. 9. Consider your accessories, tiaras and veils early on to complete your look – Will you go for a traditional veil or an intricate tiara? A simpler dress may benefit from sparkly or pearly drops earrings or a statement necklace. Detailed dresses may need small or stud earrings to finish the look. Think in advance about how you want to arrange your hair to best showcase you and your dress. 10. Consider the time of year and setting of the big day when choosing your dress. For winter, autumn and early spring weddings, you will definitely need a cover up such as a playful faux fur, an elegant wrap or defining bolero to keep you warm. Make sure you try these on at the same time as trying on dresses, so you get the complete picture. 11. Buy your wedding day shoes well in advance – You will need them for your dress fittings especially for floor length dresses. Do try to wear them in at home, so on the big day your feet are comfortable, and the shoes don’t become a hindrance to enjoying your big day. 12. Be organised for fittings – Wear your wedding bra and wedding shoes for exact measurements at fittings and to avoid last-minute unhelpful surprises. Be mindful about any weight loss plans and dress ordering times. For further information or to book a session with me, please contact:- Kerry Grant – Soulful Stylist Website – - Instagram – Facebook -