What do you most want to wear when you go out after restrictions are lifted?

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December 2021 News

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Returning to normality later this year

Have you thought about what you want to do once all restrictions are lifted? From mid-May, you can meet people inside again. I know that many of us are planning to meet up with the friends and family we have barely seen (if at all) during the last 15 months. It will seem strange, won't it, to be able to enjoy the freedoms which we used to take for granted?

What's on your list of activities?

You may already have a plan, and a diary full of potential visits, tours and activities. If you don't, here are a random selection of ideas to inspire you. They are taken from a poll of women in a networking group that I am part of. Some of them surprised me, and they may surprise you. Or they may chime with your plans.

  • Go to the pictures
  • Visit a spa or gym
  • Get a massage or manicure (or other pampering)
  • See my family indoors
  • Go to IKEA!
  • Dinner out with friends
  • Get to the hairdresser
  • Attend events and festivals again
  • Shop till I drop!

Consider how you want to feel

It's worth thinking about how you want to feel on that first occasion, and what you might choose to wear to help to give you that feeling. Becasue, yes, we all know that what we wear affects how we feel - both positively and negatively! We shall be excited to be re-engaging in pleasurable activities that we couldn't do last year, as well as filled with joy at seeing people we have missed for so long.

So take a bit of time to consider where your first meetings will be, or which venue you will be visiting, or whether it will be indoors (at last!!) or outdoors. Take your setting into consideration when thinking about your outfit and dress accordingly. Think especially about shoes and warmer clothes if you are outdoors. Even sunny evenings can turn chilly, and we know how wet and cold April and May have been this year.

But not only that, more importantly, consider what impression you want to make. And, yes, that is on your nearest and dearest too! All too often, we dress to impress strangers or acquaintances, but don't take the trouble to wear something wonderful for those we love the most.

Remember: if you dress well, and you know it, you will walk tall. You will be filled with confidence. And you will feel good and happy. And if you feel all of those things, you will radiate them to those you are with. Certainly a win/win! So if you dress to please yourself and inspire others, you are already a long way towards creating good impressions all round.

And as for me...

I shall be taking the first opportunity to go for a meal with friends indoors and to enjoy a weekend away with my family. So that will give me the chance to dress up for a change. I've missed wearing my sparkles and some of my more elegant outfits. I tend to choose smart clothes daily anyway, but it will be lovely to up the level to look more glamorous. I think it is high time that my velvet dresses emerge from the wardrobe and get worn at the theatre or in a restaurant!

Except when you spot me at a festival, when you are most likely to see me in my fabulous beaded vintage jeans, with hippy shirt and floppy hat. Feeling the vibe and feeling great!

I can't wait. Can you?

If you need any help in finding your best look, and discovering what to wear to make you feel great - not just when restrictions end, but every day - do get in touch to book a consultation.

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