Why experience make better (Christmas) gifts

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December 2021 News

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Why do experiences make better Christmas gifts?

A positive experience

Picture yourself with someone you love in a beautiful, relaxing environment. It may be indoors or outdoors. You might be seated on a comfortable sofa, surrounded by striking art work and tasteful artefacts; or you could be outdoors in the middle of a forest in the autumn, when the trees are changing their colours to amber, rust and mustard, with a clear sky above you. Your picture will be unique to you. How does it make you feel?

My special day

I spent a superb spa day last week with my sister, whom I don’t get to see very often as we live in different parts of the country. Our day was spent chatting, relaxing, swimming, soaking up steam in the steam room, experiencing a sensuous body scrub and full body massage with gorgeous tropical scents.


Most importantly, we spent time together. We were able to talk about our shared experience and caught up on each other’s news. As well as enjoying the moment, we were making memories together. As time goes on, we shall relive that beautiful day, and our experience will grow into part of our shared relationship which bonds us together further.

A colour analysis and style experience

Colour analysis or style classes are also fantastic experiences – which are even better when they are shared. I hold these sessions in my dedicated studio in the historic town of Lichfield, which is a great tourist destination if you want to enhance your day. The studio is decorated in neutral colours to be calming and relaxing, so that you immediately feel comfortable. The morning, afternoon or day is dedicated to you: you are at the centre of all that I do.

Many sisters, mums & daughters, friends, husbands & wives or partners, come together to share the experience. They love to learn together. Each person is seeing themselves in a new light; they see themselves in the mirror looking amazing. They believe – often for the first time – in themselves as beautiful or handsome. It is a moment of self-awareness, revelation, and for most it is deeply emotional.

When that is shared with a friend of family member, then the other person experiences joy and excitement on their behalf. They will go away and talk about what they’ve seen, felt and learned. Their confidence and self-esteem soars, their memories are both positive and happy.

What makes a colour analysis or style unique and valuable?

Much as I loved the spa day with my sister – and I shall certainly repeat the experience – it did not give me any tools to take away to use in my daily life. I need to go back to the spa location to experience a steam room or a body massage. I don’t have those in my own home! A style class, by contrast, gives you the knowledge that you will put into practice in your shopping trips and makes your wardrobe an enjoyable place to visit. All your clothes will mix and match, you will love everything in there and – most importantly – they will make you feel amazing. Every day.


Give the gift that lasts


Why not give someone you love the best gift they can have – the gift of self-confidence. They will know – for life – which makeup, clothing colours, styles, patterns, necklines and lengths will suit them.

To make the gift even better, for now onwards until 31st December, each colour analysis gift voucher purchased gets an additional £20 of free products to redeem at your class. They will set you on the road to a confident future.

To find out more, contact me via email linda.clark@houseofcolour.co.uk or ring me on 07790 653669

Go on: give the gift that lasts for life!