Why have a Colour Analysis with House of Colour?

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December 2021 News

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Having an accurate colour analysis gives lifetime value

Colour analysis is often the starting point for people who want to transform the way they look and feel. It is the easiest and most effective way to get a positive impact quickly. Understanding and wearing your best colours immediately will change how you’re perceived by others. You will appear more authentic and true to who you are. You’ll get compliments ranging from questions wondering whether you’ve had a facelift to comments stating that you’re glowing, younger, thinner. Your relationships with those closest to you may improve.

Knowing your best neutrals will give you gravitas when you need it, will ensure you get your investment purchases right and will make you look successful and stylish. Putting the right make-up on your face will allow you to wear less and look better. You will be in a position to have fewer clothes, more outfits and a sustainable wardrobe.

How do I ensure my colour analysis is accurate?

Have you ever bought a garment based on an online picture, and realised that when it arrived with you the colour was completely different to that which you expected? At House of Colour, we never conduct a colour analysis online, under artificial lighting or when our clients are wearing make-up or fake tan. To ensure accurate results, we always conduct your analysis in natural daylight, when you are make-up and fake tan free and when there is a colour in your hair, we cover it.

We’ve been using this tried and tested method for almost 35 years. Every consultant has 144 precision dyed drapes, is well-trained and regularly participates in top-up training. We never guess your season before we start. We are used to assessing your skin’s undertones.

For those clients whose analysis is more complicated, House of Colour consultants have all been trained with extra techniques and methods when assessing these clients to ensure that we get to the right answer.

Our tips

When you decide to have a colour analysis, do your research. Choose a reputable company. Take the time to have a personal colour analysis. Make sure it is done in natural daylight, that you’re asked to wear no make-up or fake tan and that your hair (if coloured) is covered. Ensure that you leave with a swatch which represents what you’ve been told and that you know how to use it. (The added benefit of using House of Colour is that your seasonal colour palette will be personalised to you.) Understand and have tried out your make-up recommendations.

Don’t forget - you get what you pay for. Invest in yourself. Get the best and it will last a lifetime.