Why we should all love the colour red

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December 2021 News

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One of life's little known facts is about the colour red. It seems to be the most feared colour for some. I often hear from clients "I never wear red"

However, a true red is the best and safest colour to wear for anyone who hasn't had their colours analysed. Red has an equal flow throughout the colour wheel which is why it will match with all skin tones. However each season will have a shade of red that is best for them. As a Spring, mine is geranium, which has a yellow undertone. An Autumn would have a brick red, a Summer a cherry and a Winter, a carmine. The Spring and Autumn will need the yellow, warm undertones, whereas the Summer and Winter will want the cool, blue undertones.

Red is also a colour of power, passion and energy and works well in the workplace. If you're not quite ready to embrace a red dress then think about smaller pops of red. A blouse combined with a neutral looks fantastic. Also accessories, necklaces, scarves will work wonders as they are next to your face.

And never forget your lipstick. Find your perfect red lipstick and it's like backbone in a tube!