Winter Warmers

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October 2022 News

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As the weather turns colder, the winter coat is the item you'll wear the most over the coming months. If you are going to invest in quality you need to know that it’s right for you, you also want to know that that it’s going to be a staple piece in your Capsule Wardrobe. You want it to last you for many years to come but you also want to love wearing it for many years to come, it needs to be timeless piece that suits your body shape and style. It’s an investment piece so think about it if you are buying a new sofa or carpet for your home, you wouldn’t just turn up and buy without trying it out first! In a Style class we talk a lot about cost per wear, the more you wear an item the less it’s cost per wear.


Shopping for a coat can take some time because you need to take in to account its shape, style, detailing and of course colour and remember you only buy it if we love it, and you can’t leave the shop without it!


Here are my top tips to choosing a winter coat.


1.   Be less concerned about trends than whether your coat suits your personality, skin tone and your lifestyle. For instance, that long, luxuriant Quilted coat featuring feather cuffs, which honours this year’s plush fashion thread is tempting if you are a Romantic, but the feathers aren’t practical for many reasons. Learn which shapes and fabrics suit your character and your body architecture and what your ideal coat looks like. That means less struggling in changing rooms...and no expensive mistakes.


2.   Choosing a colour that gives your face that extra glow and makes you look magnificently vibrant and healthy can take years off you. Summer and winter palettes should choose cool colours and autumn and springs should choose warm palettes. Remember if you can only afford to buy one quality winter coat, then choosing one in your best neutral is going to prove it’s worth in the long run, Think navy, browns, grey’s or black but only if it’s in your seasonal colour.


3.   If it is possible to have more than one coat, look at your lifestyle needs and determine what you require, for example taking the dogs for a walk in your best floor length cream winter coat is not ideal! Choose one for formal or work occasions, one that can be worn on casual days out in the winter where you don’t have to worry about it getting wet or stained, and one that packs a colourful punch. Try and choose your second coat in one of your wow colours then together with your best neutral colour, you can mix and match with your wardrobe and shoes.



4.   Once you've bought your coat, use gorgeous accessories to dress it in different ways. Have a range of different complementing and contrasting coloured and patterned scarves, hats and gloves to change up the look. Adding extra vibrancy to your winter style means you won’t get bored of your winter coat for a good, few seasons.



5.   Length is key. Your height and body proportions will determine what sort of coat you should snap up. Choose the wrong length and you could be swamped or look stocky. Know what suits you best and what makes you feel body confident.



6.   Quality. Quality. Quality. When choosing, remember that the first sign of a great coat is the quality. You need your coat to last this and many seasons to come. This is one of the items I suggest that you invest in top quality.



7.   Pay close attention to the quality of details such as the buttons, pockets and the belt if there is one. Detail can make or break the look.


8.   Take care of your winter coat paying close attention to the fabric’s needs. Both down-filled and wool blends should be cleaned twice a season, and wool-coats should always be dry cleaned to avoid shrinking or manipulating the texture. If it’s going to be something that needs more regular cleaning, look for something that you can machine wash.


The key to creating a great capsule wardrobe is to have timeless quality pieces that are a perfect colour and style for you. If you need any help with discovering the best shape’s colours or neutrals for you then drop me a message.


Happy shopping!