What our stylists say

Having had my Colours and Style analysed after a friend dramatically changed her appearance I was delighted to find that the Oxford Franchise became available for me to purchase 5 years later!

I can honestly say I've never looked back and have truly found my "Niche in Life." Helping people to understand this wonderful gift has given me a great business that I'm really passionate about and enjoy doing every day!

Originally I set out to work part-time as this is all I wanted in the beginning as I had a small family and this business allows you to work flexibly around them as and when you please. However, because I enjoyed it so much and realised the potential I very quickly increased the business to the size it is today and now have a very large successful franchise helping clients to look good and feel good about themselves everyday!
Lisa, Oxford

In 2003 I was looking for a new career and a step back from corporate life and living according to the company timetable and targets. I was frustrated with doing both what the company could measure and then also making the sales too. These often seemed to be mutually exclusive!

So I decided that the time was right to step out of the rat race and do something different.

I wanted to help people without having to worry about them. I used to help my colleagues with shopping for holidays or special occasion outfits and they said they would be happy to pay for a service like that. I did not see how I could set up as a shopper and what sort of career would that be? I enquired about training with House of Colour and my life changed completely.

My career stated with House of colour in 2004.  I bought half of an area that had about 500 clients and that was my spring board to a successful and lucrative business. I brought with me drive, an interest in people and sales acumen and House of Colour provided the knowhow and support. Together we work to make me in my area the go to person for colour and style advice. I have discovered how best to run my business to offer a great service to clients that also provides me with the lifestyle I want too. 

This was supposed to be my work slower towards retirement phase however my business has really taken off and I am now busier than ever………when I want to be! I love the flexibility and have made lots of new friends too as well as the tools to look great, really what is not to like. The hours that I work offer a great return and it really does not feel like work. 

Each year I sit down and set up my plan for the following year in detail and follow it, just like I did in corporate life but now the business is mine and so are the rewards. This franchise model works for both parties.

Be bold, take the next step and invest in yourself.

Penny, Bolton

On the recommendation of a good friend who suddenly looked amazing I took the plunge and had "my colours done" It's no exageration to say that it completely changed my life. I enthused endlessly and encouraged friends and colleagues to share the journey.

I discovered that the colours that really work for me are clear, bright and warm. As someone who had been wearing black, grey and neutral colours it was quite a suprise, but also very very exciting. I followed this up with a Personal Style class  and immediately wished I'd done it all much sooner. I now have a wardrobe full of clothes that work for me and my lifestyle,  and more importantly make me feel great whatever the occasion.

Now as as consultant, I see the amazing transformation of my clients as they complete their own personal journey and for me the personal satisfaction of helping in that journey, makes this the most rewarding and enjoyable job in the world.

Gill, Norwich

Do you have lots of clothes but feel you have nothing to wear?

Do you sometimes feel you want to ‘blend’ into the background so you wear black?

Do you want to look fabulous and look like you haven’t even tried?

That was exactly how I felt five years ago until, for my birthday, I was bought a Colour for Women consultation by my dear friend Netty and I can honestly say it has completely changed my attitude to life.   It may sound dramatic but, prior to the consultation, I possessed that wardrobe in desperate need of inspiration.  I always felt frumpy, lacked self-esteem and, despite having a successful career, hid behind my larger than life personality and constantly wore black!  I was delighted (and a little scared) to discover that I am a Blue Spring and look fabulous in bold paintbox spring like colours and I love them. Following this, we went on to have our style personalities analysed and I finally came to understand why copying other peoples styles didn’t necessarily mean they would suit me. I now have a wardrobe of clothes in the right colours for my skin tone, which all mix and match perfectly.  I never waste money on clothes that don’t suit me and I get more compliments than I have ever had.

I have left the rat race of London to retrain as a House of Colour Consultant and I’ve never looked back.

Claire, Upminster

So, what is so special about being an HoC Stylist?

Primarily, the joy of joining clients on their adventure through their colour and personal style journey! Inspiring them with the freedom to succeed in their new colours and personal style.

Sensing their curiosity, and sometimes scepticism, as they step into my studio. Watching their incredulity as they see the right colours next to their faces, or recognising the right styles that suit their body shapes and the difference this makes. Sharing the excitement of their new make up and how all of this creates their best look. Seeing and listening to their enthusiasm for what happens next. Knowing that I have begun a partnership that will continue to offer support from wardrobe reviews, shopping trips, advice on accessories and other events throughout the year.

Becoming an HoC Consultant is so exciting. The initial training is thorough and I am  in no doubt that I am an expert in the field of colour and style. Continuous opportunities for further training ensure that I am always up to date with current thinking through the company’s support.

I know that I empower my clients in the same way that the company empowers me!

Rosee, Aberdeen

Hi all
I want to thank you all for the wonderful positive story you told throughout the conference – and it was a story - dipping into the past, the present and the future. The story flowed throughout. It was a most engaging event. I’ve been to lots of conferences in my life – and organised even more – and can honestly say that I was totally enraptured by the HoC event. And I know how much work it takes to make it appear seamless. There was an importance given to the length of breaks so that there was time to chat and learn, there was an emphasis on keeping to time so we didn’t languish and the content was motivating and so positive all the time. Even when I left do to my video I knew that I’d be missing something amazing. 

I can’t believe that this time last year I was not even thinking House of Colour and now I eat, walk, think, sleep, dream and often lie awake thinking House of Colour. It has become all consuming. (Does that change – ever??)

Please accept my gratitude and appreciation for a wonderfully motivating organisation and conference. I feel privileged to be a part of it all.

Maria, Co Monaghan


I can honestly say that attending a colour analysis class changed my life! I had taken redundancy from M&S, had 2 young daughters and was not feeling great about myself. My wardrobe was depressing and I didn't know what a stay at home mum wore. I really had lost my identity! I knew when I took redundancy that I wanted to work for myseld but that was about all.

Without any prior knowledge, a House of Colour gift voucher came through the post from my husband. A colleague of his was raving about House of Colour and he thought correctly that I would enjoy the experience! At my colour class I was given a newsletter which asked the question 'are you looking for a change of direction, do you live in...Maidstone because we are looking for a consultant for that area'. I couldn't believe what I was reading - I came home spoke to my husband and said this is what I want to do, I applied for the frnachise pack that night and 6 months later I was beginning my training.

15 years on and I am still passionate about inspiring and supporting my clients to change through colour and style.

Jane, Maidstone