Kay Reilly image consultant and personal stylist for North Glasgow and North Lanarkshire

“Kay, you look lovely – what a beautiful way to style your hair.” I smiled, said thank you and left the supermarket, feeling a little lighter than when I went in.

You see, this was no ordinary shopping trip. This was my first venture out since I had begun losing my hair due to breast cancer and the resulting chemotherapy. 

Now, you may be reading this thinking “what a sombre place to start your story” but it’s one of the most powerful examples I can give to explain the huge part that House of Colour has played in my life. 

On that particular day, I had wrapped a rose and lilac silk scarf around my head and clipped it in place with a glittering silver flower. As a Summer, these are two of my best colours and the scarf was luxuriously silky to cater to my Romantic/Classic clothing personality. 

Gone were the turbans so tight they looked like swimming caps, they went in the bin alongside lots of other things I had bought to camouflage myself. Instead, I replaced everything with soft Summer colours that flattered my skin tone and glamorous accessories with as many pearls and diamonds as I could find.

Without the knowledge House of Colour gave me, I could easily have pulled on a dark turban and tried to hide away but instead, I had the confidence to face the world and feel just a little better about myself.  

I could give you lots more examples of how House of Colour has helped me, my family and friends but this is about your journey. Why have you come here? To gain confidence? Enhance your career? Feel better about yourself?

I can help you do all the above and more. Let me show you how your best colours, shapes and styles can make you look younger, slimmer and glowing with confidence. 

After your House of Colour experince, you’ll know how to use style to maximum effect and will have the tools to create your own, personal capsule wardrobe. It’s an empowering experience and I would love to be the consultant to guide you through your journey

We offer many different courses and services to give you the knowledge of how to look good, and more importantly, feel good, at all times. If you don't find a scheduled date for one of our services, or if none of the dates suit you, please contact me directly to arrange it with me. .

I’m also more than happy to answer any questions about House of Colour and discuss the days/services with you in more detail. 

Look forward to speaking to you soon!