Wardrobe De-clutter

Let your Stylist review your wardrobe for the colours and styles that work for you.

Service Price: £60.00/hour RRP

USA Service Price: $80.00/hour (prices may vary depending on studio location)


A valuable and practical session to help you create a wardrobe of clothes that works for your lifestyle. Take your learning to the next level and stop having a crisis by your wardrobe door in the morning or before you go out somewhere special!

Your Stylist will be able to review your clothes with respect to colour, shapes, lengths, necklines and patterns, then make suggestions for new outfits using your existing clothes.  Your stylist will also help you create a "shopping list" of colours, clothing items and styles that might be missing from your wardrobe.  Why not ask your Stylist for a Shopping Trip to help you find them.