Maggie Robson image consultant and personal stylist for Chislehurst / Bromley / Beckenham / Orpington

My name is Maggie and I am the Colour and Style Consultant for Chislehurst, Beckenham, Bromley and Orpington in Kent.

I was introduced to House of Colour after witnessing the positive change a Consultant had made to a friend who, after having her colours analysed, was given the confidence to come through a difficult period in her life. After completing the colour analysis class myself, out went the black to be replaced by the blended, softer, warmer tones from the Autumn palette and my style as a Natural Classic emerged after my Style Day.

My background in marketing, public relations and dealing with clients has shown me that first impressions are key and I am passionate that the right colour choices can make all the difference. I have always been interested in fashion and House of Colour has enabled me to combine my passion with the enjoyment of helping clients discover the colours that make them look and feel great for any occasion.

You may be a business woman looking to add a sophisticated palette range to a working wardrobe, a hectic mum needing a little 'me' time and confidence boost, perhaps you are undergoing a lifestyle change, such as a recent graduate moving into the world of work or you might be getting back into a career after a break or planning a special occasion or celebration and would like help putting together a new, brighter look.

My studio is based in Chislehurst and when you leave you will be ready to streamline your wardrobe with confidence. Imagine how lovely it is to walk into a shop and know what is perfect for you, the right choices mean you will save time, energy and money when shopping by choosing what looks great on you.                    

To book:  click the link above or contact me direclty to book a class and we can discuss convenient dates.  Consultations usually begin at 10am.  If you've any queries please just get in touch - I'm always happy to help.

Colour Consultation  3 hours £240 one to one 

You'll discover which season’s colours compliment your unique skin tone and natural colouring - (spring, summer, autumn or winter) making you feel confident about the colour choices you make.

We identify your 'wow colours' and apply some House of Colour make up - it's all about finding the right tone and depth of colour that is perfect for you.  You leave with a personalised booklet and fan wallet containing fabric swatches of a selection of colours that make you look and feel great.  A group class is also available if you've a friend or family member you'd like to bring along.

Style Consultation  5-6 hours  £365 one to one 

Have you ever stood in front of your packed wardrobe thinking “I’ve nothing to wear”?

Do you waste countless hours shopping for clothes, worrying that the latest fashion isn’t really you?  You'll learn how to stop you feeling lost and confused about your wardrobe and instead feel confident knowing that your clothes suit, not just your body shape, but your personality!  Includes personalised workbook.  A group consultation is also available if you have a friend or family member you'd like to bring along.

Skincare and Make up Consultation  2 hours  £120 one to one 

After preparing your skin with a mini facial using our wonderful, natural Essentially Yours skincare range, you will learn new make up techniques and how to apply our House of Colour make up confidently to create different looks and also have the opportunity to purchase our products.

Also available:

Wardrobe Review £80 per hour (min 2 hrs)
Shopping Trip £80 per hour (min 2 hrs)
Colour re-rate £120 2 hrs 
Kid's colour class £90 under 14 years (excludes wallet, which can be purchased for £55)
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Maggie Robson  Personal Colour and Style Consultant - Beckenham, Bromley, Chislehurst and Orpington, Kent


'I came away from the day very positive and inspired.  I could see that by moving to better shades within my favourite colours I looked fresher and brighter.  Maggie also showed me some new colours, outside my normal comfort zone, that I would find flattering.  The helpful colour wallet has been a great guide to spring cleaning my wardrobe. Best of all I had a fun day.'  


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