Keri Johnson image consultant and personal stylist for Bath

Hello!  My name is Keri and I own the Bath franchise of House of Colour.  I am excited to meet you and share this incredible transformational journey with you!  Your confidence will soar, and you will look and feel better than you may have done for a long time.  It is a powerful thing to dress with confidence and to understand how to express yourself fully through your clothes and makeup.  No more hiding away and feeling insignificant!

My own experience with House of Colour has been truly life-changing.  I went from feeling depressed and invisible to feeling vibrant and sassy!  For most of my adult life I didn't understand how to dress my curvy figure, often resorting to hiding under jeans and baggy tops, feeling ashamed and miserable. I was a stay-at-home Mum at the time, so my wardrobe consisted of plain, functional clothes. I thought that my pale mousy colouring needed soft muted colours, so I wore mid-range, dusky colours.  From time to time, in an attempt to feel more gIamorous, I would try various things, eg dying my hair with blonde highlights, wearing fake tan, I even wore green contact lenses for a while!  Basically, I was desperate to be something other than what I was: a pale-skinned, blue-eyed brunette!  I didn't feel very interesting or attractive as I was.  My turning point came when a friend had recently had her colours analysed with House of Colour and she raved about it for so long that I eventually made an appointment for myself.

I was gobsmacked to discover during my Colour Analysis session that the clear bright palette of Winter enhanced my natural colouring.  These saturated colours made my pale skin glow and dark blue eyes sparkle.  I saw beauty in myself for the first time!  I was hooked straight away and came back for my Style Session as soon as possible.  Again, I was amazed by what I learned.  Taking my body shape as well as my personality into account, I was told that I was a full-on Romantic.  This means glitz, glamour, sparkle and sass! 

I was astonished and excited to experiment with my new colours and styles.  Over the months that followed I cleared out all the 'wrong' clothes, in colours and styles that didn't flatter, and started to build up a beautiful collection of clothes and accessories that fully expressed who I am on the inside, and flattered my natural colouring and body shape.  

Following my own experiences, I talked to my family and friends non-stop about House of Colour, until eventually it became clear to me that I should actually join the company and train to be a consultant!  I absolutely love what I do and I'm passionate about helping people to become more empowered, more confident and to express themselves more fully.   Having worked in mental health and wellbeing for over twenty years, first as an Occupational Therapist and then as a Psychotherapist, I have a solid background experience of dealing with people and supporting them to make changes.

Contact me to arrange a session as soon as you can.  You won't regret it; in fact most people say they wish they'd done it years ago!


Absolutely fantastic!  I feel really uplifted and excited by the whole experience.  Keri was amazing.  Some surprises in my colours - the results have left me buzzing!

Jo, Bath

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