Judy Cordell image consultant and personal stylist for Salisbury/Southampton/Romsey/New Forest

Hello, my name is Judy and my House of Colour journey has changed how I feel about myself and turned my drab wardrobe where I had ‘nothing to wear’ into a true capsule wardrobe where everything in it suits me and I can mix and match creating lots of different colour combinations whilst honouring my own unique style.  There are no strangers in my wardrobe, only friends who are worn regularly and loved all the time.   The whole process has taken years off me, I look younger, brighter, slimmer and enjoy special events and nights out without worrying about what to wear and how I will feel. 

Would you like to avoid making costly shopping mistakes with your clothes, shoes, hair colour and accessories?  Would you like to know which colours suit you and where to wear them on your body enabling you to shop quickly and effectively?  Would you like to look and feel amazing every day?  

I know the answer to these questions is ‘Yes!’  My client’s biggest regret is not having discovered their own unique colour and style earlier, so let’s get your colour journey started.

How the service works for you:

You can either join a group session or book a one to one appointment.  I advertise the classes held at my Studio in a flexible way because I know that clients appreciate the ability to choose week days or weekends to suit them.  Contact me direct or book through the website.  I also run a gift voucher service too. 

In addition to the classes held in my Studio, I regularly help clients to review and sort out their own wardrobes and take them on a personal shopping experience to fill the gaps.   

Please feel free to call me on 07790 215636 for a confidential, informal chat to see how I can help you. 

I look forward to meeting you




"Judy is extremely helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend this to everyone."

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