Jan Beveridge image consultant and personal stylist for Plymouth and West Devon

Please have a look at my diary for dates that may suit you, if not just email me jan.beveridge@houseofcolour.co.uk to find a date that suits you. Colour Analysis. Personal Style.



  • The Transformational All-In-One-Day Experience Or just getting it all done in one go! A full day with Colours in the morning and Style in the afternoon. This is often the most popular option with my male clients, but many female clients like it too, taking everything in during one longer day.

    Make-up Tutorial Generally this comes third in a trio of sessions, to co-ordinate with and complement your new sense of Colour and Style, but it is also available as a standalone class. 

    Shopping Trip. Online shopping options are definitely possible – let’s say you want a new winter coat … I could help you get one that is perfect for you. 

    Wardrobe Review This can easily be conducted online, and it’s a bit like a shopping trip, but in your own home!! Time to get excited about what’s in your wardrobe already, items you already own!!


    ""The term the blushing bride"

    Would you like help you take the stress out of the planning for your most important day by helping you from the start.

    I offer a Wedding service for the Bride / Groom plus members of the wedding part especially the Brides Mum and Mother  in Law.

    From the Colour of the dress shape and Style to colours of flowers and the right colour make up.


    Welcome to my page! 

    If you're here because you already know that you want to book an appointment, that's great! Simply contact me here and we can find a date.

    For those who would like to find out more about me, where my studio is based and what my current services and prices are, please read on. Jan


    Often clients begin a consultation by telling me they feel lost in their identity, invisible, frustrated by their body shape, or simply overwhelmed by the volume of choice online. My aim is to help you feel empowered, stylish and authentic every time you get dressed - from lazy Sundays through to important job interviews, and even your wedding day!


     I help you fall back in love with your wardrobe and feel great every time you get dressed. Whether it is finding the colours that suit your skin tone, decoding your body shape, or systematically working through your wardrobe to give it an overhaul, I'm here to help you dress and feel like the best version of you.


    Face to face appointments take place at my studio inthe old market  town Tavistock and you can make a booking by contacting me, or by visiting the Classes page.  My diary is always changing, so if you cannot find an appointment that works for you, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate. If you would like to book a group appointment for two people, please email me or give me a call to discuss. 


    I currently offer the following services:


    • Colour Analysis. One to one price: £240 Using our detailed process in natural daylight, we discover which colours best suit your unique skin tone, giving you a healthy complexion, defined features and reduced shadows. Take home a fan containing your seasonal colours and a personalised workbook to help you with future shopping trips. We also look at which makeup shades harmonise with your skin tone.4 hours 1:1, . 
    • Style Analysis.  Price for two people: £260pp.  One to one price: £365. During this transformational appointment, you will discover how both your body architecture and your personality inform the clothing styles and fits that look best on you. Looking at your individual body shape, personality, lifestyle and budget, we send you away understanding your best looks, fabrics and accessories, and equip you with the tools to start building your own capsule wardrobe. 5 hours (online appointments also available - split into two x 2.5 hour sessions). 
    • Wardrobe declutter. Minimum two hours. £65/hour, agreed in advance. Using my clear, step by step process, together we transform your wardrobe from a crowded storage cupboard into a fresh, orderly space that delights and inspires you. We declutter (in a way which feels productive and guilt free), organise and display your clothes so that you can SEE their potential. You will discover outfit and accessory combinations you didn’t know you had, reigniting that "new crush" feeling for your clothes. Finally, we identify the gaps in your wardrobe, creating a focused shopping list that maximises your outfit options. 

    • Bridal shapes. £90. Wedding dress shopping can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing for many brides  My mission is to give brides the information they need to make confident, informed choices by explaining which necklines will beautifully complement their face shape, which dress silhouettes will flatter their unique body, and which details and accessories will authentically portray their personality. A typical appointment lasts 1.5 hours (in person, or online). 

    • Bridal Colour Analysis. £240. Using House of Colour’s robust and science-based process in natural daylight, we can determine which palette of colours give your skin, eyes and hair a radiant glow. Including all of the elements of a normal Colour Analysis, this bridal appointment will also focus on which shade of white, ivory or blush will enhance your features on your special day.

    • Confident Accessorising. £110 Together we undergo a thorough review of your accessories collection, including jewellery, belts, hats, scarves, shoes and bags. I help you to understand what works for you, what doesn't, and where your gaps are. The right accessories give an outfit that "put together" aesthetic, but they are also incredibly powerful for boosting our feelings of identity and self-esteem, so I often describe this session as the ultimate confidence booster. Works best after your Colour & Style Analysis, but just as fun without. 2 hours (online or in person).
    • Personal shopping. £70 /hour. If shopping leaves you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, or you would simply like to have an expert opinion to help you find some ideal pieces, this is for you. If in person, we will visit a selection of shops and boutiques selecting items for you to try on with my expert guidance for your body shape and style. If online, I will carefully research a list of items for you to view, making sure they are in your colours, style and size. You can then browse and purchase yourself. Send me your shopping brief and I will provide a fixed quote.


    Do you offer Colour Analysis online?

    Unfortunately, Colour Analysis cannot be done accurately online (we tested this thoroughly, and it simply isn't reliable). For full details regarding the measures we take to protect our clients during a face to face appointment,


    Do you sell gift vouchers?

    Yes! To purchase a gift voucher for any of the above services (or for a specific monetary value), please email me - I can post a voucher for you to wrap or include in a birthday or Christmas card. Give a gift that will be remembered for years to come!


    Do you offer weekend appointments

    Yes especially Saturdays








    You won’t remember me after 3 or 4 years but I amused you by saying that I didn’t like shimmer eyeshadow because I don’t need twinkles on my wrinkles!!

    I arrived for the workshop with Jan wearing fuchsia pink having worn this colour for years!  I remember being stunned by the contrast when a colour is right and when it is mediocre/awful but I also grew increasingly depressed as the colour spectrum showed that I am an Autumn.  Jan was so encouraging and positive in picking the colours from Autumn which are perfect for me.

    I went home and dyed everything I could, kept the pink (just in case) and started buying my Autumn colours.  It wasn’t long before the charity shops were given a lot of pink and now when I open my wardrobe it is full of oranges, golds, turquoise  and greens which look super together and fantastic on me.  It was the best investment having my colours done and saves hours of times when shopping.  A great big thank you!  Leila from South Devon



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